Toronto Iskcon Sunday Aarti

Toronto Iskcon Sunday Aarti

Iskcon Toronto is one of my favourite temples and especially I love their Sunday evening Tulasi Puja and the Aarti. Toronto’s Hare Krishna Centre (ISKCON Toronto), has always been the hub of a rich, vibrant and enthusiastic community.You must visit for a Sunday Aarti to experience by yourself.


Deities are so beautifully decorated that we can’t take our eyes from there. Krishna Parivar decorated with all the jewelries, flowers and excellent costumes.


And we have a chance to take the Evening Aarti and smell the flower offered to God. We all love to hear the excellent sound they make while Aarti with the Shank. During Tulsi Pooja we get a chance to sprinkle water and make a circle for Tulasi mata and then follows the best Aarti you can ever have with great Sangeerthan.

After that we have a excellent feast for our ears of the discourse and kids they have good and attractive activities for them in the other room.We also have great vegetarian prasadam feast for all of us. After a great feast comes the closing Aarti.


So if you go to the temple by 5.00 PM on Sunday, you can enjoy all best the temple has to offer such as Tulsi Pooja, Aarti and then a great discourse to make sure to put us on the path of Krishna for that week and then fabulous feast and the Closing Mangala Aarti.  Will highly recommend to any one.


We enjoy a lot as it fun, and get to know more about our religion and what it means to be a Krishna devotee. We recommend all of you to come and enjoy for your self.

Hare Krishna.

The address is

243 Avenue RoadToronto, ONM5R 2J6
(416) 922-5415


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