Tulasi Plant: Do Pooja daily at home & Attract Blessings

Tulasi Plant: Do Pooja daily at home & Attract Blessings

Every part of the tulasi plant has fragrance. Seeds, leaves, stem, its roots, all have fragrance. According to Hindu belief, nothing would please Lord Narayana more. Using tulasi leaves in worship will bring prosperity.

Tulasi plant is considered as the holiest of all plants. In English it is called as Basil plant.The Tulasi plant is regarded as a threshold point between heaven and earth. A traditional prayer tells that the creator-God. resides in its branches, all Hindu pilgrimage centres reside in its roots, the Ganges flows through its roots, all deities are in its stem and its leaves are the Hindu scriptures The Tulasi plant is grown in or near almost every Hindu houses. A house with a Tulasi plant is sometimes considered a place of pilgrimage also.

Tulasi is the Hindu Goddess of loyalty. She was once a woman by named Vrinda, who was married to a man of low caste named Jalandhar. Vrinda was so devoted to her husband that he became stronger because of that and could not be defeated in any battle. One day, the Lord Vishnu took on the form of Vrinda’s husband Jalandhar and tricked her to sleep with him.

Jalandhar lost his great strength and was subsequently killed by the God, and Vrinda threw herself onto his funeral pyre. Vishnu, felt sorry for what he had done, and turned Vrinda into the Tulasi plant, a type of basil, and she became the Goddess Tulasi. The plant is considered to be very sacred, and there are certain rituals that must be used to take leaves from it.
A ceremony known as Tulasi Vivah is performed by the Hindus,usually on the eleventh or the twelfth lunar day.

It is the ceremonial wedding of the Tulasi plant to Vishnu, in the form of his image, Shaligram or a Krishna or Rama image. Both the bride and the groom are ritually worshipped and then married as per tradition. As a Hindu it is our responsibility to have a Tulasi plant at home.

Leaves of the tulasi plant are important in worship. They are superior even to fragrant flowers. Flowers have fragrance only when they bloom. But every part of the tualsi plant has fragrance. Its seeds, it leaves, its stem, its roots- all have fragrance. Even the soil in which it is planted acquires the fragrant smell of the plant. All we need to do is to use a single tulasi leaf in worship. Nothing will please Lord Narayana more. Using tulasi leaves in worship will bring prosperity.

As a person following Sanatana Dharma, we must have Tulasi plant in our home.. If you don’t have it get one today from nearest nursery or temple.  Doing pooja everyday to Tualsi mata (plant) is part of our Dharma.  Lets make a decision today.. to get Tualsi plant in our home and do pooja (max may take 5 mins/day) and then take prasad.. and You will see your home is filled with Health, Wealth and Prosperity. Comment your questions/feedback/clarifications here and we shall get back with the needed details very soon. Jai Sri Krishna.


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