Last year my wife have some career confusions in her teaching professions. She asked me a to take her a Venkatesa Perumal temple in VENGADAMANGALAM. I took her to that temple. That is the first time I visited that village called VENGADA MANGALAM which  was previously it was called as THIRU VENGADA MANGALAM.

A beautiful temple for Lord Venkatesa along with Matha Shreedevi and Matha Bhoo Devi. Both of us were wonder struck because of the beauty of that temple and felt powerful divine vibrations. The Sanctorium consists of Lord Venkatesa perumal which is identical to Lord Venkatesa of Thirupathi.

Few Weeks after we visited the temple, my wife’s carreeer issues were cleared with a promotion in her institution.
I got a new knowledge about a particular subject in the medical field.( I am basically a Naturopathy Doctor ), for which I was reading lot of books, but could get clear and justifiable answer. After visiting vengadamangalam temple, both of myself and my wife were blessed with mental peace.

DESIRE OF VILLAGE PEOPLE & History of the Temple

500 year back, village citizens of THIRU VENGADA MANGALAM (NOW VENGADAMANGALAM ) desired to build a temple for Lord SriVenkatesa as similar to TIRUPATHI. In that time itself , citizens of Thiruvengada Mangalam allotted five and half acres of land, along with pushkarani named THIRUPAAR KADAL .

Within this five and half acres of land, they have planted a banyan plant, 500 years back. But for the last so many years, Village citizens of Thiruvaengada Mangalam could not build the temple for Lord Vekataesa due to various reason. ( Lord Sri venkatesa himself decides when to build a temple for himself)

In the year 2010, one devotee of Lord VENKATESA spoke to the councilor of Thiruvangada Mangalam village panchayat, about his desire of building a Perumal temple in that village. That councillor immediately replied that, it was the wish of his village citizens for the last 500 years to build a perumal temple, for which, five hundred years back itself, village council allotted five and half acres of land. Along with a Pushkarani.

One big banyan tree is just in front of the Temple as sacred tree for that temple. All deities were made up of five important metals including gold at the shadows of banyan tree itself, which is five hundred years old.  Anjenaya sannathi is on the left side of the temple. When we do prathikshanam, we can certainly feel the divine vibrations.

You will also get all your desires fulfilled for sure. Please visit the temple and get the blessings showered by lord venkataesa. Please go to this beautiful temple every week for 11 weeks on a particular day with your desire in your mind. Within 11 weeks all your desires would be fulfilled and will be blessed abundantly for sure.

Please chant

“Om nirajanayae vidmahae
Nira baasaaya theemahi
Thanno Vishnu prachothayaath”

“Om Mahalakshmisa vidmahae
Vishnu pathnisa theemahai
Thanno Lakshmi prachothayaath”

Vengada Mangalam is a small village near AGARAM ( TAMBARAM-SELAIYUR—BHARATH ENGINEERING COLLEGE—AGARAM — VENGADAMANGALAM) . Vengadamangalm is small village situated 16 kms away from TAMBARM.)


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