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Bhakti Food Menu – Click … Check the Food Products that are made in Pure Sanatani & Traditional way, absolutely saying no to Halal certifiClick each category given below to see items by categorycation & other illegitimate religious practices to offer to God and enjoy with your Friends & family !! To Make it fresh for you, pl give order Two days ( 2 Days) before by sending a WhatsApp to +1 647 9644790. Do Know we make all the orders as we get it placed !!  Feel free to contact us by WhatsApp for any questions/Clarification and Order !!

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Food ItemsImageQtyPrice
Ven Pongal0.5 Kg$15
Sakkari Pongal0.5 Kg$15
Upma with Chutney0.5 Kg$18
Upma0.5 Kg$15
Idli20 Nos.$15
Idiyappam with Chutney / Sambar2 Nos.$13
Appam with 2 Side Dishes2 Nos.$18
Idli with Sambar & Chutney20 Nos$50
Masala Idly20 Nos$20
Dhokla with Chutney1 Kg$30
Puttu (Kuza Puttu) with Side Dish1 No$13
Set Dosa (2 Nos) With Chutney1$15
Melagu Dosa (Black Pepper Dosa ) with Milahai Podi2$18
Pesarat with Chutney2$18
Adai with Chutney2$18
Kuzhi Paniyaram24 Nos$15
Unni Appam (Sweet)24 Nos$24
Chutney1 Lt / 0.5 Lt$15 / $9
Sambar1 Lt / 0.5 Lt$15 / $9
Paruppu urundai kuzhambu1 Lt / 0.5 Lt$20 / $12
Daal1 Lt / 0.5 Lt$20 / $12
Vada20 Nos$20
Palak Vada (Keera Vadai)15 Nos$20
Moong Dal Vada20 Nos$20
Speciality Variety Rasam (South Indian Special)1 Lt$12
Andra Speical Veggie Dal (Veggie Pappu)1 Lt$20
South Indian Special Kuttu ( Pathla Sabji )1 Lt $15
South Indian Authentic Dry Sabji ( Sukua Sabji)1 kg$15
Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice)0.5 Kg$15
Lemon Rice0.5 Kg$15
Coconut Rice0.5 Kg$15
Garlic Rice0.5 Kg$15
Sambar Rice0,5 Kg$15
Food ItemsImageQtyPrice
Sakkari Pongal0.5 Kg$15
Carrot Kheer1 Lt$20
Moong dal payasam (Kheer) 1 Lt$15
Semiya Kheer1 Lt$15
Sago Kheer1 Lt$15
Akkaravadisal1 Lt$20
Rava Laddu1 Kg$35
Coconut Laddu1 Kg$30
High protin Jaggery Laddu1 Kg$35
Dry Fruit Laddu1 Kg$55
Puran Poli1 Kg$40
Kerala Special Unniyappam24 Nos.$24
Modhakam ( Kozukkattai) 1Kg$35
Sweet Diamond Biscuits1Kg$35
Hara Channa ( Green Gram ) Laddu1Kg$35
Rava Kesari (Halwa)1Kg $25
Hot Snacks & SavoryImageQuantityPrice
Murukku1 Kg$35
Ribbon Pakoda1 Kg$35
Wheat Biscuits1 Kg$35
Moong Dal Vada20 Nos.$20
Bread Pakora with otPato Stuffing10 Nos.$20
Cabage / Onion / Veggi Pokora1 Kg$20
Premium Iyangar Tamarind Rice Paste (Puliyodharai / Pulikachal)$15 / 0.5 Kg$8 / 0.25 Kg
Special Kara Vathal Kozambu Paste
{Available witth Sundakkai (Trukey Berry) & Manathakali (SunBerry) }
You can Mix this paste with rice and eat instantly !!
$15 / Kg$8 / 0.25 Kg
Brahman Sambar Powder$15/ 0.5 Kg$8 / 0.25 Kg
Brahman Rasam Powder$15 / 0.5 Kg$8 / 0.25 Kg
Peanut Powder$10 / 0.5 Kg$6 / 0.25 Kg
Toor Dal Powder$10 / 0.5 Kg$6 / 0.5 Kg
Andhra Special Pappulu Podi (Bengal Gram Roasted powder)$10 / 0.5 Kg$6 / 0.25 Kg
Instant Garlic Rice Powder$10 / 0.5 Kg$6 / 0.25 Kg
Instant Coconut Rice Powder$10 / 0.5 Kg$6 / 0.25 Kg
Instant Puliyodara Mix Powder$10 / 0.5 Kg$6 / 0.25 Kg
Idly Powder ( Side Dish )$10 / 0.5 Kg$6 / 0.25 Kg
Dosa Batter$15 / Kg$8 / 0.5 Kg
Idly Batter$15 / Kg$8 / 0.5 Kg
Tamil Special Adai Batter$15 / Kg$8 / 0.5 Kg
Vada Batter$15 / Kg$8 / 0.5 Kg
Andhra Pesarattu Batter$15 / Kg$8/ 0.5 Kg

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