ISKCON Brampton Temple

ISKCON Brampton Temple

Today was a fabulous day visiting ISKCON Brampton (Ontario, Canada) and the Arti was great.  If you never have gone to this temple, it should be in your must visit list.  This temple is located at and Best time to visit is on Sunday in any week.


Thulasi Arti starts at starts about 11.00AM on Sunday, Krishna Arti and Arti for Guru Prabhu Padh and then followed by a great discourse, that keeps you in the right spiritual path for at least a week and then a fentastic

Hare Krishna..Hare Krishna..Krishna Krishna Hare..Hare..

Hare Rama…Hare Rama..Rama Rama..Hare…Hare

Arti that is very typical of ISKCON only filled with joy and dance.

After finishing the Arti comes the Best part 🙂 Maha Prasadh.  Best Prasadh and you must enjoy it.  Here I’m also attaching the decorated deities of Krishna & Radha and the sakis.  May Radha Krishna bless you and your family abundantly.  Will love to listen from you, your experience after visiting this Krishna temple. Ofcourse you get ample of free parking right in the city hall parking in the week ends. So no worries.

Visit Radha Krishna Maha prabu and be blessed.  God Bless.


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