Bharat Marg Brings you Documentary from Kishkindha – Stay connected

Bharat Marg Brings you Documentary from Kishkindha – Stay connected

We are pleased to announce, will be bringing you an exclusive documentary of the whole Kishkindha Kand.. right from Kishkindha of those days.

We will take you Hanuman Janma Boomi, Mata Sabari’s Ashram where she fed fruits to Sri. Ram Ji and Laxman Ji and the place where both brothers pray Shiv Ji for guidance after which all good things start happening to them right at Kishkindha.

Also you will able to see the place where Sri.Ram and Laxman Ji stayed for nearly 6 months before invading Srilanka to recover Sita Mata from demon king Ravan after killing him.

Here also you will see the place where Hanuman Ji first met Sri.Ram and Laxman ji, the place where Vali and Sugriv fought, Also the whole Rishimukh Parvat where Sugriv ji was living after the exile by his brother till he met Ram Ji along with his ministers.

Also we will go through Mathang Muni’s Ashram where the blood of Thunthubi Rakshansh falls after killed by Vali because of which he gets cursed and avoid coming to Rishimukh parvath and hence Sugriv Ji gets a place to live and more..

The whole documentary will be coming on weekly basis in Bharat Marg. Do like and follow us at in twitter @BharatMarg and also you can get our whatsap message by storing Bharat Marg Whatsapp number +1 647-964-4790 and send us a whatsapp message with your name, location and a request to send you our message and then right away you will start getting it.

Lets know the truth.. about our Dharma and all the path walked and stayed by Sri Ram & Laxman Ji in Kishkindha. Lets connect with us and walk with us in the path of Sri Ram ji. Jai Sia Ram !!


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