Sabarimala – War against Hindus

Sabarimala – War against Hindus

The Sabarimala episode has two sides-One political side and the other the spiritual side. The judgement of Sabarimala Entry has shaken not only the faiths of Hindus and Hinduism, but also it has exposed the double standard of judiciary, which is scared of giving verdict on and about equality in non-Hindu religions.

The Sabarimala Verdict has given jolt to Hindus and Hinduism. The urgency with which the Kerala government is willing to toe and obey the order of Supreme Court in this case is very strange and it appears the secular agents are pushing their own agenda against Hindus and Hinduism. There is no urgency to ban speakers in mosques and churches nor the Kerala government is very particular in implementing the verdicts of Supreme Court with respect to non-Hindu religious matters.

Why the secular anti-Hindus and communist government of Kerala are in a hurry to implement the judicial verdict? The Sabarimala is able to achieve sense of one-ness among Hindus , cutting across castes and creeds. It has definitely brought in many sects and castes of Hindus and this really has created a problem for the agents of Muslims and Christians. The former pump in money coming from Arab countries and other Islamic nations. The latter through NGOs and funds coming from Western Nations create havoc among Hindus and convert Hindus, especially economically backward communities.

The Sabarimala Pilgrimage has brought together Hindus and definitely it has cemented various caste-groups. The BJP government at the centre is monitoring the conversion activities of various religious groups coming to India in the name of freedom of religion and freedom to preach and practice.

It appears that the Kerala government seems to be worried only about arresting devotees of Sabarimala, controlling the fall-out of verdict and for the government it is necessary to control Hindus and Hinduism. The conversion of Hindus are political agenda of many parties in Kerala. By dividing Hindus, the political parties can win elections. If Hindus are united, the secular faces of political parties would be exposed. They would run away from ballot boxes. That is the reason why the communists and the present Kerala government are against RSS, BJP and VHP, which play a major role in putting an end to conversion of Hindus.

The secular agents are worried about coming togetherness of Hindus. What the Britishers did for two hundred years, the secular agents are dividing Hindus and consolidating the minorities. The engineering of riots before election by anti-Hindu-secularists by secular agents are worried about unity among Hindus. Let us henceforth greet everyone with Swami Saranam and silently start movement against secularists and communists


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  • KRISHNA PV PV , January 10, 2019 @ 7:33 am

    It is time Hindus wake up at least now before further damage is tried by the forces at play against Hindus and Hinduism

    • netultim2 , January 10, 2019 @ 10:51 am

      Well Said !! Jai Sia Ram

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