Brampton Jain Temple – A walk through by Dr Raj Patil

Brampton Jain Temple – A walk through by Dr Raj Patil

A New Door Opens Into the World of Jainism

Bhagwan 1008 Adinath Swamy Jain Temple,
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Consecrated on July 13, 2014

As we witness a wave of new immigrants from India, the Jain community too has shown a corresponding growth in numbers. A greater need to build a traditional Jain Temple was becoming more evident.

Shri Gyan Chand Jain and Shrimati Kanchan Jain of Shri S. S. Jain Foundation consecrated the first ever Shikharbandhi Jain temple with Manas-sthambh. This Jain Temple is located in the city of Brampton in the close vicinity of Greater Toronto Area. It is about 15 kilometers from Lester B. Pearson International Airport of Toronto.

A Brief History:
• The 30-acre parcel of land at Mayfield Road in Brampton was acquired by Smt. & Shri Gyan Chand Jain in 2001 to accomplish their aspiration to build a Jain Temple where all Jains may worship and practice the principles of Jainism.
• Five acres of land has been dedicated for the Temple, Manas-sthambh, senior residences, and a community hall with residences for the priests and a parking lot for 142 cars.
• On the balance of the land we intend to build a private school, affordable condominiums and single family residences for the Jain Community.
• Panchkalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav was celebrated for eight days in July 2014 in the presence of learned Pundits from India and the Pran Pratistha ceremony was performed by Bal Brahmachari Pundit Shri Hemantbhai, Songadh, India on July 13, 2014.

Main Temple Area (including Gabhara):
The Gabhara houses three magnificent Tirthankara Pratimas — Bhagwan Shri Adinath Swami, Lord Mahavir Swami and Lord Shantinath Swami. Lord Adinath Swami Pratima is in the center and is the Mulnayak. This Pratima is 51” while the other two are 41” in height and are in sitting postures (padamasan). All these Pratimas are in accordance with Digamber traditions and are Pran prathishtith. Each Pratima is hand carved out of a single piece of whitish marble in Jaipur, India.

Manas-sthambh (Jain Peace Tower):

A 52-feet-high white marble tower houses four Pratimas on the top and four Pratimas in the center. Each of them face all four directions. The entire structure is made of white marble, it is a “column of honor” that stands in front of the main entrance to the temple to shed the pride of devotees.

Pratistha Mahotsav:

Jains of all ages from all over the world enthusiastically attended and actively participated in the Pratistha Mahotsav. These devotees came from United States of America, India, East Africa, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia. The celebrations were attended by about 10,000 people during 8 days.

The temple complex is a 15,400 sq. ft. facility with a three-storey building with the kalash, the shikhars and dwajas on top of the building. The top floor of the temple is 5,000 sq. ft. and consists of prayer and pooja hall (Gabhara). The temple can accommodate over 500 people at one time. The Basement of the building is 6,600 sq. ft. and consists of a state-of-the-art modern kitchen and dining hall, which can accommodate up to 300 people at one time and equipped to prepare food for up to 500 people.

Future Plans:

Our future vision includes involving youth to actively participate in temple activities along with adults and seniors to ensure sustained growth of Jainism. We plan to host a number of educational, social and cultural activities/events to accommodate various groups such as children, adults and seniors.

Our future plans also include conducting interfaith activities to promote Jainism and educate people from other faiths on the ideals of Jainism and its contribution towards the overall well-being of the community.

Address and Contact Information
7875 Mayfield Road,
Brampton, Ontario L7E 0W1, Canada
Chairman: Gyan Chand Jain – (416) 567-9405
Dr. Raj Patil – (416) 988-8655


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