Surdas : Saint, poet, musician with golden voice and Krishna Devotee

Surdas : Saint, poet, musician with golden voice and Krishna Devotee

Surdas Ji was a great saint, poet, musician with golden voice and a great Devotee of Lord Krishna in late fifteenth or early sixteenth century.. It is believed that this divine poet was guided all the time by Lord Krishna himself and Lord Krishna was mesmerized by his poems and songs to ever leave him.

He had a beloved by named Chintamani. She was a dancer. He would always think to do anything it takes to get to her. Actually after the death of Surdas’s father his wife gave up her life He crossed the flooding river by hanging on to his wife’s dead body. He thought it was a wooden log. And he climbed the stairs to reach her room by climbing on s snake, thinking it was a rope. All this happened one night after his father’s death. Then Chintamani said oh! Surdas I am just a mere mortal. Why do you have so much love on me? If you want to have this much love on someone has it on God. With this much love you can win him also. Surdas leaves her home, but everywhere he looked he saw only Chintamani and even when he saw a pious house wife, he felt it was Chintamani and wanted to be with her for the night. But after realizing his mistake he pokes his eyes and doesn’t see the world any more. Then he proceeded to the forest. There he fell into a pit. He started singing one song called Hari Main Nayan Heen. Lord Krishna comes in the form of Gopal and took the swing that miners use and took Surdas out of the pit! Lord Krishna in a small child form was always with him in every of his step.

In another occasion Akbar the king of Delhi was listening as his musician Tansan was singing. Once the song was done he asked Tansan who is the great soul that composed this song? I would love to listen to him sing. Tansan replied “your highness, this song is composed by the great poet Surdas who is living in Braj the birth place of lord Krishna”. Akbar went there and asked Surdas to sing a song for him and Krishna invisible to others and visible to only Surdas told him to  sing a song . After the song was finished  he got a Pearl Chain from the king. Surds threw it up and it fell on the neck of Lord Krishna! In the other’s view it had just vanished in the air!

Akbar was upset and said how you dare threw the Necklace that I gave you as gift to you. Surdas said I only put it on my Krishna’s neck. I will get it. He said, Krishna give the Chain back. Krishna started pouring down all his chains and Necklaces. The courtiers said this is not the chain of the king. Then Surdas said Krishna give the king’s chain back. Then the chain that the king had given to Surdas as a gift came down. The people there applauded and the king fell at the feet of Surdas.
Chintamani had missed Surdas so much that she had come to find him. Once she found him, she also became a lady saint and both went to the temple where the people usually waited for him but that day he didn’t, as Chintamani came with Surdas. They said if you want to come tell us the alankaram that the lord is wearing.

Surdas Ji could see Krishna and Krishna alone. He sang the song called Nanga Nanga (Naked Naked). The deity actually had no clothes on at all as the alankar was yet to happen. The people were surprised and took them into the temple.

Krishna invited Surdas Ji to Vaikund. At this time Surdas Ji has finished writing 75000 songs on Krishna and he wanted to finish one million before death. Surdas said Krishna I will love to come to vaikunta with you and be free from this material world but I have a problem. Lord Krishna asked what problem he had.

Krishna I have vowed to write one Million songs on you before death but I have finished only 75000 songs as yet. So I cannot come to vaikunta with you. Krishna laughed and said Surdas don’t say you did not write one Million songs, just ask someone to count them! When counted the songs there were one lakh songs. Well, you might say the person who counted it first counted it wrong but no. 25000 wrong in count is impossible. Then how did it happen now? Lord Krishna had written them to make Surdas Ji happy as the time has come to take him to Vaikund!

In reality no one knows the exact songs writing by Surdas Ji and by Krishna himself. But one fourth of Surdas Ji’s poems were written by God Krishna himself. No wonder the blind poet.. who saw no one else by Krishna all the time and lived with Lord  Krishna himself had poems that were so sweet that they became immortal. Lord Krishna not only lived next to Surdas Ji but also through his poems.

Hare Krishna!! Hare Krishna!!


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