Akbar Jailed Thulasidas Ji – Hanuman Chalisa History & Song

Akbar Jailed Thulasidas Ji – Hanuman Chalisa History & Song
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Was Mogul emperor Akbar really secular as the leftist Historians say?  Why did Akbar jailed Ram Bakth Santh Thulasi Das?  After torturing Tulasi Das Ji in jail for forty days, where he wrote Hanuman Chalisa…. what really scared the Mogul emperor Akbar? Why Akbar got so frightened that he was forced to let Tulasi Das ji out of Jail?  What magic really happened?  Know all about the unknown history of Hanuman Chalisa and followed by the beautiful Hanuman Chalisa song.. in the beautiful voice of Vaishnavi Dilipan.

You can say Hanuman Chalisa together.. All good things happen in your home and will be a blessed place.  Know the history and power of Hanuman Chalisa.. React.. comment and share with all.  To get one Dharmic message a day in WhatsApp, just send your name and location to +1 647 964 4790 and you shall start getting one Dharmic message a day.

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