One more Hindu Saint Murdered !!

One more Hindu Saint Murdered !!
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In Nanded city of Maharashtra one more Hindu Saint Murdered !! Shiv Sena is now Sonia Sena !! so what best you can expect from the clown Thackerays any way?  #UddhavWorstCMEver
Patriotic Hindus should unite before its too late. Now Or Never !!  Our Sadhus are being Targeted by the #KhanGress and its leadership?  Italian Mafia involved in this also after Palgar.. many tough questions need answer. CMOMaharashtra Uddhav Thackeray should be fired and prosecuted.. He is not only an insult to Maharashtra and entire Shiv sainiks but also to his dad who was the Shivaji of Maharashtra not long time before !!



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