What is a Hindu Nation?

What is a Hindu Nation?

When we utter the term ‘Hindu Nation’, most people take the meaning as ‘Nation belonging to Hindus’. For that matter, some even take it as a concept put across to the people by a political party to gain political mileage; however, there is not a semblance of politics in the concept of the Hindu Nation. In fact, it is a well-established culture and a system helpful in leading day-to-day life. It will very much be a social arrangement which aims at spiritual evolution of human beings, animals, birds, insects, ants, trees and creepers to the subtlest of creatures. Since God has resolved to set up this arrangement, it can be termed a ‘Divine Kingdom’ as well. A society that is ready for any sacrifice and committed to the progress of the Nation, a duty-bound defence system, a legal system that stands by Truth, a system of governance that is productive and most important, the rulers who are loyal to Dharma, who are patriots and who strive selflessly day and night for the welfare of the society – these are going to be the distinctive marks of the Hindu Nation; and therefore, it is going to be an ideal Nation in the world !

There is Sanskrut adage, ‘द्रष्टा दृश्यवशात् बध्यते ।’ (The viewer is tied to the scene in front of him). Accordingly, because of the pollution caused by the present day system of governance that is secular, meaning ‘corrupt, selfish, caste-based and unpatriotic’, the supreme concept of ‘Hindu Nation’ has been eclipsed. The truth that ‘Ramrajya or Divine Kingdom is one where Hindu Nation has come into existence’ is being considered a myth. The ‘Hindavi Swarajya’, meaning, ‘Hindu Nation’ established by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj has been deliberately pushed into oblivion and extreme efforts are being made to paint it ‘green’ under the pretext of terming it ‘secular’. Intentional efforts are being made to spread the belief that ‘Hindu Nation means religious fanaticism’; however, all this is false propaganda. Taking a clue from the Hindu Nations of the past, a prosperous Hindu Nation that will have a strong spiritual and cultural heritage is going to be established. This period is not distant. In the next 15-20 years, the Hindu Nation that will give a glimpse of the Divine Kingdom will be established.

When there are no incidents that give a ray of hope of establishment of the Hindu Nation, speaking about the Hindu Nation will appear to many as an exaggeration; however, Saints who can look into the future have already sensed the bright tomorrow. Making efforts in that direction is our sadhana (Spiritual practice) or duty unto Dharma.

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