Trudeau wins an election but loses Votes – Canadian had enough?

Trudeau wins an election but loses Votes – Canadian had enough?
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West & Quebec wants to quit #LibTard Trudeau-Jagmeet Canada #Wexit !! 

What will still remain in Canada?

#Khalistan #TerrorIstan #JihadIstan

Trudeau wins an election but loses votes Canadian had enough of incompetence?

People are rallying against an unpopular Govt let by Mr Justin Trudeau right after the election.. Canada don’t want to be a part of two headed monster minority Govt. let by Mr Trudeau with the help of the crutches #NDP Mr Jagmeet Singh !!
An already incompetent Govt. that got reduced to minority and now running with the support of #NDP Jagmeet Singh who has been banned from entering few countries including the largest democracy of the world “India” for his Khalistani Terrorist links.
Patriotic Canadians are scared of illegal, unchecked immigration from all Islamic world which also helped Mr Trudeau to establish this unpopular Govt. !! For last 4 years under the stewardship of Mr Trudeau.. Canadians are staring at an attack on the western culture by the welfare depended unchecked unskilled unlimited refugee import. Now they believe having #NDP Mr Singh in position to draw some blood, will make things much worse very soon and no one wants to be the part of it..
With a great success of Bloc Québécois in 2019 Federal election, decimating other federal political parties will also give rise to separatism. What do you think.. Canadian election 2019 has healed and helped people to come together or divided Canada even more.. React .. Comment and share your opinion !!



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