“I’m not Trudeau” Andrew scheer – Hands over Canada to Jihadi-Khalistani Duo

“I’m not Trudeau” Andrew scheer – Hands over Canada to Jihadi-Khalistani Duo
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In his effort to convince all that he was the nicest boy in town Mr Andrew Scheer, Looses to gain confidence and votes of the Canadians. His “I’m Not Trudeau but better” platform fails miserably. Conservative party today in desperate need of more capable leader who will stand and fight for certain values then just doing photo opps as the chocolate boy of the town.
This reflects the total incompetence of the leadership skills of Mr Scheer that he couldn’t take on the most unpopular sitting PM Mr Justin Trudeau who was mired in scandals and scams… There was a huge displeasure on the sitting incumbent PM of Canada, but still the weak leadership of Mr Scheer was not able to convert that into votes as people of Canada had no idea where he stood..
Conservative party of Canada today in desperate need of more capable leadership which can be trusted by the citizens .. that won’t be afraid to state where they stand and with whom they stand. We wish Mr Scheer all the best for his halfhearted effort.. with which he was not able to even take on #NDP Jagmeet Singh .. Making him the king maker of the day.
We wish and pray, Mr Andrew Scheer will say goodbye to the leadership position of Conservative party by taking moral responsibility and let more capable person to take charge and work on getting the party rejuvenated before next election at least.
Thanks Mr Scheer and Team for your wonderful job for handing our Canada to a two headed monster to run.. Now pl move on and let a real leader work on bringing up the morale of the base and the grassroot workers..
We at Bharat Marg wish Mr Trudeau’s Minority Govt for a success along with may be next Dy PM of Canada Mr Jagmeet Singh #NDP


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