Sounder Dilipan Profile

Sounder Dilipan Profile

Even though I come from Mechanical/Production back ground, a wile back moved into Computers following the crowd 🙂

I travel a lot to see Hindu pilgrimage places. Visited many places on the way how Sri Ram walked from Ayodhya to SriLanka and also stayed in Ayodhya for a month learning about the holiest place in Bharat.
Visited the places from Krishna Janma Boomi to the places where Kirshna lived, Kurushethra and Dwaraka from where Krishna ruled for close to 100 years.

Also visited Kedharnath, Badrinath and surroundings in Himalayas where Bhim and other Pandav brothers built and worshipped many Siva temples as per Lord Krishna’s instruction.

In the process of completing 12 Jyothir Lings and 108 Divya Desams and Mata temples. Very exited about it.

Loved the concept of Bharat Marg as it gives opportunity for a Hindu to become a practising Hindu with the help of Temple database and Hindu Directory and more.

I commit myself to be an associate writer and serve the Hindu community and Sanatan Dharm as much as I can to the best of my abilities.

You can also check my social profile at and at twitter handle @netultimate



If you want know how anyone became a writer with Bharat Marg and/or how you can become writer and contribute also, then check at

Looking forward to meet you all and talk to you all as the opportunity comes. Jai Sri Ram


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