Paramanugrahitho Mahamuni Sritha Mahagatha Prfile

Paramanugrahitho Mahamuni Sritha Mahagatha Prfile

Our Vision: To Create a caring and compassionate environment,
accepting the continuity of existence
Our Mission: To propagate Santana Dharma to the entire world and
make it the way of Living to all the generations going to come.

Pujya Gurudev, Adhishri Paramanugrahito Mahamunivandaru Sritha
Mahagatha is the living source of infinite energy which can instantly
connect your being to the Highest Plane of Existence by a mere touch
or a glance or simply by being in His presence. Gurudev freely
embraces every individual who comes into His presence without any
discrimination. This is truly an uplifting experience and quite a rare
opportunity in this kaliyuga

Currently, Gurudev spends His time between His Ashram in Punyabhumi,
Nepal and among His disciples in India, offering solace, counsel and
practical solutions to problems that are of Spiritual and Emotional
nature in personal as well as public spheres. His talks carry Wisdom
and His touch carries Compassion. For His constant presence, nothing
is demanded in return except to be agents of change in creating a
world that is kind and inclusive to all. Purity, Wisdom and the motive
of Selfless Love for all beings seen in Gurudev serves as the
inspiration to all to join hands with him in serving humanity.

Our foundation name: Mahagathe Foundation
Contact : +91 9972009699

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