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Ashutosh Ji Profile
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Sri Ashutosh Ji has been a leading Hindu activist for more than two decades now serving the community by bringing unity, harmony and understanding. 

He has served in various parts of Bharat in the length and breadth of the country in much adverse condition as pracharak and served Desh & Dharma !!

Sri Ashutosh Ji also serving in the area of education by advising the Govt of India regarding advance studies. He also works with many youths around the world guiding and helping and shaping them to serve our Desh and Dharma.  As he says, “ Youth are the future and we need to mentor them and I love to invest my time educating them” !!

You will be fortunate to see many videos exclusively now at Bharat Marg, done by interviewing many world renowned leaders, Saints, Gurus and activists now. 

If you want to get in touch and learn from Sri Ashutosh Ji for yourself or for your children send us a message to Bharat Marg and we shall be happy to get you connected to get strong mentorship.

You can also check my social profile at and at twitter handle @bharatmarg


If you want know how anyone became a writer with Bharat Marg and/or how you can become writer and contribute also, then check at

Looking forward to meet you all and talk to you all as the opportunity comes. Jai Sri Ram


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