Shiva Vishnu Temple of North Carolina, USA

Shiva Vishnu Temple of North Carolina, USA

Shiva Vishnu temple is certainly a diamond in the Beauty crown of (RTA) Research Triangle Area as a common place for all those people from Sanatan/Hindu Dharma in Raleigh, Carry, Durham & Apex Area.  Located in a vast area as two different temples in the same compound.


First we went to Shivji Temple there and  there is a small sannadhi for Naga Devtha in the entrance itself.  People come there and pray and give their obedience to Nag Devtha and then enter into the Shivji Temple.  So many people lined up..especially in the week end and in the evening and to be more specific on auspicious days.

In the wall of Shiv Ji temple you can see beautifully lighted Menakashi kalyanam display along with Lord Vishnu handing over Parvathi Mata to Shiv Ji along with all parivar.  As you enter into the temple, you get to have Dharshan of Vinayakar, Shiv Ji, then Sri Murugan and last but not the least Swami Ayyappan.  We were mesmerized by the Kandha Shasti Kavasam by group of men and women singing there.  Also in time to time basis, groups of people come and do Vinayaka Sostrhiram, Lingashtaham and Ayyappa Songs and more.


You can also commonly see here many people who cannot go to Sabari Mala, coming to have Dharshan of Ayyappa after doing vridham during the season and singing and praying.  When you sit here for some time, you can forget all your worries and your heart and mind feel that they connected with the Lord himself.


After finishing this wonderful Dharshan, we had great Prasadh of Sundal and yogurt rice and then walked towards Balaji Temple (Vishnu Temple).


First we had the Dharshan of Laxmi Mata.  You can be in peace and feel the blessings.  After taking the Kunkum that came as prsadh from Mother’s feet, We visited the Balaji.  It was Nethra Dharisanam like in Thirumala.  It was incredible.  You can feel like, God is talking to you through his powerful eyes.  Only thing is you have to have patience and the frequency in you to connect.


It was a great Dharshan and we could have a heart to heart to talk with both Laxmi Mata and Lord Venkatesa filled with Bliss. Then is the Andal Sannadhi.  Again you feel like standing there as long as your heart desires.. and see eye to eye and do Namaskaram in the feet.


In total, This became an incredible evening.  The hall after the dharshan was filled with phenomenal songs of the devotees. You can have the Dharshan of Vimana Venkatesa on the temple tower. Baktha  HanumanJI Sanidhanam outside. Also you have a fantastic Yoga Narasimha and Chakrath Alwar (Sudharshana Chakra). There is a huge Dhwaja Sthambam too to fall and get the blessings of all Gods  This is one perfect temple, Serving the Hindu community and Sanatan Dharam in RTA area and all over the state of NC USA also.


This temple also provides all the services for the people in this area for performing Graha pravesam, Sathya Narayana Pooja, Homams, Yagyams, Parayanams and more.  Also Many noble souls of Sanatan Dharm come here serving the community.  Overall, if you happen to visit North Carolina in USA or RTA Area in specific. .this should be a must visit place in your list.  Thanks for all these people, because of whom our Dharma flourishes and grows around the world. Jai Sri Ram.


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  • Pt Shiv Ram , August 1, 2017 @ 9:18 pm

    Was it necessary to put a sign to say how much people donated? since everything belong to god. I think that money seems to make the difference within the devotees here. You have made a wonderful mandir please don’t make it a business place. If you need any trees for the mandir I can give you a peepar tree

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