Ramanujacharya’s Samadhi

Ramanujacharya’s Samadhi

Ramanuja is always considered as the most influential thinker of Hinduism. He spread devotion and discipline in the society through his nine works known as Navaratnas. In his three major commentaries, the Vedartha-Samgraha, the Sribhasya and the Bhagavadgita-bhasya, he provided an intellectual basis for devotional worship. .
Ramanuja was born, in the year 1017 A.D in the village of Perumbudur about twenty-five miles west of Madras. His father was Kesava Somayaji and his mother was Kantimathi, a very pious and virtuous lady. Ramanuja’s Tamil name was Ilaya Perumal. Quite early in life, Ramanuja he lost his father.

Then he came to Kancheepuram to prosecute his study of the Vedas under one Yadavaprakasha, a teacher of the Advaita philosophy. He attained his Acharyan Thiruvadi (the lotus foot of his Acharya) in Lord Ranganatha temple at Srirangam and ever since, Ramanujacharya original body was mummified and preserved there.

According to tradition, Ramanujarya attained samadhi in 1137 at the age of 120.. Vaishnava philosopher and renowned guru Ramanujacharya’s original body is preserved inside Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam, Tiruchinarpalli since 1137 CE.

Ramajunacharya was an exponent of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition within Hinduism. Ramanuja’s thiruvarasu (sacred burial shrine) is the Ramanuja shrine (sannidhi) located inside the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple in Sri rangam.
Only sandalwood paste and saffron are used to maintain the body and no other chemicals are added.

Twice a year, they coat camphor mixed with saffron, which produces ochre/orange tint on the preserved body and this tradition has been practised for more than 878 years. His body is placed behind his idol and is open for darshan to all devotees.


One can notice nails on fingers, which indicate that it is actually a human body. His physical body is placed in the southwest corner on the fifth round within the Srirangam temple as ordered by Lord Ranganatha himself.
.Ramanujacharya original body is kept in normal sitting position and open to all for viewing. This is an instance where actual human body is kept inside a Hindu temple for so many years. Ramanujacharya original body preserved in Srirangam Temple till today and when you visit Srirangam you can have his Darshan also.


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