Daughter of Sultan Unifying with Rama Priya – The God Himself

Daughter of Sultan Unifying with Rama Priya – The God Himself
                                        Ramanujacharya’s Rama Priya (Melkote- Near Mysore, Karnataka)


When Ramanuja charya was getting old he said oh lord I have lived for so long now I want to come and build a temple of you I am all ok in doing this task but I lack one thing, your deity where should I get it. As he prayed one night the lord came in Ramanujacharya dream and said Oh my devotee Oh Ramanujacharya you can find my deity inside the anthill in a place underneath a cluster of trees. Inside that anthill dwells my deity.


The next day Ramanujacharya built the temple and installed the deity. After a few days Ramanujacharya again prayed oh lord I got this deity of yours but where shall I get the Utsava Murti. The Murti which is worshipped before festivals ect.  The Lord came in Ramanujacharya dream again and said you my devotee will find my Utsava Murti in Sultans palace its name is Rama Priya.


Ramnujacharya set out to Sultans palace the next morning itself. There Sultan welcomed Ramanujacharya, gave him a seat and asked the reason for his sudden visit. Ramanujacharya replied oh king the lord has sent me to get a Utsava Murti do you have any utsava murti’s here. Yes replied the king. He took Ramanujacharya to the place where he kept all the utsava murti’s not knowing that the princess [his daughter] had taken one and never kept it back.


Ramanujacharya looked at all the Utsava Murti’s but did not find Rama Priya at all. He told this to the king. The king said I don’t think it is here then. Ramanujacharya said I know he is here. Sultan challenged Ramanujacharya and said call him if he is here then let him come to you. In a grieved voice Ramanujacharya called Rama Priya… dear Rama Priya please come.


As soon as Ramanujacharya said this Rama Priya vanished from the princess room and comes to the hall, walks, sits on Ramanujacharya lap and becomes a deity again. Ramanujacharya was about to leave. The princess got the news of what happened and went to where Ramanujacharya was and said I have been playing with Rama Priya since I was born. I can’t leave him if it is really necessary for you to take him then take me with you too.


The princess left with Ramanujacharya on the pallaki and had a few solders as body guards. She was holding Rama Priya until they reached the temple. Once the gourds opened the curtains so that the princess could come out they found out that she had merged into Rama Priya. In the meanwhile when the guards stood there astonished. Ramanujacharya also saw princess’s unifying with Rama Priya.

This proves three things one, If you have faith and love God can speak to you in your dream and say the truth and also give you answers to your question. If you are great enough and have complete faith in God and you call any God he will come even if the God you call is a deity like Rama Priya. If you are that attached to God that you cant be separated are very great you can merge into him.


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