Sanskrit Class in Canada from International Language School in Peel Region

Sanskrit Class in Canada from International Language School in Peel Region

Very happy to Announce that yesterday Sanskrit classes were started as part of international language school in Peel Region of Canada.  Many languages were being taught here and this is incredible way to expose to one new language that they don’t know already or want to get proficient in.  This also gives credit for the children during their college time and hence encourages the kids and parents to admit the kids in this international language school that happened once a week for a very subsidised price. Bharat should learn this from Canada for sure and adopt this good language policy as part of their educational curriculum too.

Sanskrit is a young member of this family and many people have worked hard to bring the language as part of Peel Region education and we want to thank each one of them as this wouldn’t have happened without their hard work and dedication.  Other part of Canada and world should learn from these leaders on how they succeeded in promoting Sanskrit in Peel region and adopt the technique in their part of the world.

Sanskrit is yet to become a language that brings credit for the students, but very confident that with the help of the leaders we have in our area. .its a matter of time before Sanskrit  will  get that  privilege too. We will recommend every parent to take advantage of this class and admit their children in this wonderful program. Certainly Sanskrit needs support and all the well-wishers should take this cause in their hand do their best by admitting their children.

More classes we have in the local area, we will be encouraging lots of parents to take advantage of this. So our goal should be spreading the class to many locations with the help of the people who have devoted their time for Sanskrit unselfishly.  We have to also increase the number of people who can teach Sanskrit well.  If any course can be given to them, so that they can not only teach Sanskrit in the local area at the same time make some income also is very essential.

Vaishanvi went to her first Sanskrit class in Brampton and is very excited.  She was learning Spanish before and now moved to Sanskrit as we wanted to make sure we stand by what we teach.  Brampton has more than 20 kids registered at this time and can take 5 to 7 more kids and if you are reading this article in this area.. maybe you can support by admitting your kids if possible.

It is very essential that our kids know to read and write their Mother tongue as top priority. There is no substitute for mother tongue. They got to know well.  After this we  believe is important to learn one more language that promotes our sanskriti.    Here with we are including the international language school for you to go and visit how many languages are being taught and register the kids for the class, if you didn’t do yet in Peel Region .

 Jai Sri Ram.


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