Ram Janmabhoomi will have temple one way or the other: Dr Subramanian Swamy in Canada

Ram Janmabhoomi will have temple one way or the other: Dr Subramanian Swamy in Canada

In the Hindu Heritage Month mega celebration at International Center in Toronto Dr Subramanian Swamy started the speech with thundering applause. This must be one of the most energetic crowds one should have witnessed and you can feel, everyone sitting in the audience was so excited to hear their hero speak.

During this hour long speech which was interrupted many times with applauses and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” Slogan, Dr Swamy went in detail on the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi case that was postponed and said this cannot go too long. One more of his case will be coming for hearing in coming days and can get result in maximum couple of weeks.

Also Dr Swamy went on to say, Judiciary is certainly one of the pillars of democracy but not the only pillar. This is about the belief of millions of people and respecting their faith. If Court has no time for sorting out this dispute, Government will take the ordinance root to make sure the temple for Ram lala comes one way or the other. This is just a matter of very short time he said.

As per court ruling in past, Muslims can get together and pray anywhere and Hindus believe.. God lives always in the temple which has been built with Agama Sastra and the deity was established with prana prathishta. So the temple place should be legally handed over to Hindus. Dr Swamy went ahead to say, We can never build a temple in Saudi Arabia and we cannot even do a pooja openly in our own home and want to take our temple in Bharat also.

Dr Swamy showcased how Guru Nanak Dev visited Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya centuries before Babar and explains the beauty of temple that was located beautifully as mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib. This is not only a proof that there was a beautiful temple there in Ram lala’s Janmabhoomi but also explains the real Sikhism and the relation we share and what our Gurus felt.

Dr Swamy also went in detail about the heroic stories of Sikh Gurus and their sacrifices for protecting Dharma and slammed the Congress party for neglecting all the real heroes of the land and only promoting Mughal dynasty for the sake of votes.
He also requested all the families to make sure all our children learn Sanskrit and said, this this not the language of the past but of the future. Kids learning Sanskrit will not only able to read our holy books but also can go in the field of artificial intelligence as this could become most important thing in coming days. Also he said, there are schools in UK where it is absolutely needed for the kids to chant 30 mins of Sanskrit shloka every day as it increases the brain growth for the kid’s age between 6 to 11.

Dr Swamy also explained those in the audience who were not necessarily from Bharat that Hindus always believed in diversity and co-existence. For this he referred the ways how Bharat gave asylum to Jews and gave place to build synagogue and worship. Also he explained how Zoroastrians from Iran/Iraq were given asylum and treated with at most respect even today.

Dr Swamy said anyone who understands our entire “DNA” is same and believes their ancestors were Sanatan Dharmies and are Hindus. He also referenced Chinese documents from many centuries back refer Bharat as Hindu Rashtra and they do so even today.

Dr Swamy also said, we will not give an inch of land to any one or any state to go out of us, they will have no option. He said, I had the same stand when LTTE was playing Tamil card to divide not only Sri Lanka but also Tamil Nadu away from Hindustan and I I’ll have same stand if any other separatists play that game in Gujarat, Assam, Panjab.. where ever.
At the end he concluded his incredible speech saying we are in the right track.. Bharat is in the right track to become the next super power and he encouraged each one those in the audience to promote their families here and in back home more to go in the route of innovation and own business.

Dr Swamy finished saying, our children need to become entrepreneurs and provide jobs to others than growing expecting hand out from the Government.


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  • Surinder Sharma , November 4, 2018 @ 12:25 pm

    Well covered write up!

  • Suja , November 4, 2018 @ 6:48 pm

    Bharat Matha Ki Jai!
    Bhagavan Ki Jai!

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