My Take on Indo Canadian Politics & Dharma

My Take on Indo Canadian Politics & Dharma

In AM 530 “Frontline Radio”  being interviewed by Sri Deepak Punj. In this i’m being asked about our Facebook group Indo-Canadian-Politics-Business-Prosperity and the roll this group and Bharat Marg played in the recent local elections in Canada along with what my take is on “Carabram” Punjab pavilion.

Also Sri Deepak Punj discuss about Hindutva and Hindutva politics of Indian PM Sri Narendra Modi and how that galvanized the politics in Canada and more.   Cow Slaughter and Mob Lynching issues are also discussed.  We are also discussing about Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)  and its stand on various domestic and international issues..

Sri Deepak Punj asks, why I say Jai Sia Ram and is it is communal.. Check out My Take on all hot issues that took place in AM 530 “Frontline Radio” right now right here.. share and comment. Jai Sia Ram.


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