No to Azaan on Loudspeakers Says High Court

No to Azaan on Loudspeakers Says High Court
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Azaan on Loudspeakers… Neither Prophet Said Nor Mentioned in Quran !! The Court asserted there is no such religious order which prescribes that Azaan can be recited only through loud-speakers or by any amplifiers. No one Got the right Force other persons to Force others to listen your Propaganda and that is absolutely an attack on others religious freedom says the court in its ruling.

As a matter of religious freedom if any one stand on the doom of the mosque and sought that will not be prohibited as the human voice is allowed and we ban only the use of loud speakers said the judges in the court ruling.

Do you think one sect got all the right to force all to call no one is greater than some one or no one other than what ever they believe is not God or you stand with the ruling of the high court of Allahabad ? Do you think the politicians of Canada who are doing what ever it takes for buying vote from various communities will hear this message or they will remain silent and continue making fool of Canadians? What say you? Do comment.. react…. and share your input and feedback…. Because Free Speech is not just a cliche in Canada yet !! #Bramppoli #Missipoli #Onpoli #CanPoli #BCPoli #Vanpoli


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