Life is Choice to Choose – Jai Sia Ram!!

Life is Choice to Choose – Jai Sia Ram!!
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Ram Sena Builds Bridges with Stone & Rakshas Sena Pelts stone & attack innocents & take life !! Life is a Choice to Choose… Leaving #PeaceFool Way of living…250 People become Hindu !!

250 People from 40 families convert to Hinduism in Haryana. They had converted because of the torture given by then Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. These families lived at Danoda Kalan village before Independence.

Satbir who had recently converted to Hinduism and cremated his 80 year-old mother Phooli Devi, as per Hindu customs…has said that he belonged to the Doom caste whose families had converted during the torture rule of Aurangzeb.

Majid said, “It is only when we bury our dead, that the villagers looked at us differently. Therefore, looking at the future of children, we decided to convert.” He mentioned that people now know about their past due to education.


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