Mata Bala Sundari Temple, Trilokpur

Mata Bala Sundari Temple, Trilokpur

Mata Bala Sundari is our kuldevi and bal roop (childhood image) of Maa vaishno Devi. Mata bala sundari’s main temple is situated in trilokpur (Nahan,Himachal). Trilokpur (as the name suggests) represents the three main temples of mata bala sundari in that area.
Three roops of mata are:
• Mata Lalita Devi (Shakti roop of Mata)
• Mata Bala sundari (Chilhood image of Mata)
• Mata Tribhavani (another Shakti roop of Mata)
Trilokpur stands on an isolated hillock about 24 km south-west of Nahan, 77-15’ north and 30’30’ east, at an elevation of about 430 m
From Delhi:
• Delhi to Ambala-200 Km
• Ambala to Kala Amb- 53Km
• Kala Amb to Temple-11Km
From Chandigarh:
• Chandigrah to Kala Amb- 72Km
• Kala Amb to Temple-11Km
Mata bala sundari temple is located in main village , Mata Lalita devi temple is situated on top of a hill at a distance of 2 km from the Maa Bala sudari devi temple towards east. Maa TriBhavani (Tripur Bhairavi) is 13 km away from main temple in northwest direction.

History :
Maa Balasundari ji had appeared in the year 1573 at Trilokpur in a bag of salt brought from Devban ( UP) by a local shopkeeper Ramdas. The said shopkeeper kept on selling salt from the bag through out the day but the commodity did not exhaust and the bag remained filled as if nothing had been taken out there from. He was taken aback from the miracle and Goddess appeared in his dream narrated the incidence of her disappearance from Devban(UP) and directed to construct a Temple to establish her PINDI swaroop ,which was already existing inside the bag of salt and also directed to worship in the name of “MAHAMAYA BALASUNDARI” – an infant state of Goddess Vaishno Devi. Ramdas was not rich enough to construct the temple ,thus he decided to approach the then ruler of Sirmour state Sh.Pradeep Prakash who agreed and got constructed a temple for the Divine PINDI of Mata Balasundari ji at Trilokpur. Now there is a big and beautiful temple surrounded by hills and attracts millions of piligrims throughout the year.


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