House Kirtans at your home for occasions

House Kirtans at your home for occasions

Friends, This is a thought.  Think about it and give your input.  We celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries and any special occasions by calling our friends and treating them special and more.  As per our dharma, these are all special moments for us to think of God and and say thanks.  Do you agree with this?  if so there could be a great opportunity we want to create.


We are looking for organisations that will do small sathsangs and Keerthans at your home as a service.   In fact we are lucky that ISKCON Brampton is doing just that.  So now if you have any occations in your home, you can book a house Keerthan and all the contacts are proved at .


If there are any organisations willing to do this service in your area also, you can go ahead and add the details, yourself in the Hindu Directory.  Our goal is simple, let our homes be filled with Gods bliss.  When we invite our friends, and have sathsang or Keerthan for special occasion, they may also like it and end up doing in their home also.


In this way Gods name, Kerrthans, Havans, Poojas and Sathsangs will happen home to home and we all can become a Hindu to Practising Hindu and in the same way extend that pleasure to our friends and family members.


Let us know your thoughts and feel free to contact us for any help in serving you and/or your friends and family in your area too.  God Bless.


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