Life lessons from Ramanuja Acharya – Morals

Life lessons from Ramanuja Acharya – Morals

Thinking for other people

Ramanujacharya sent his wife back to her father’s home because of some family problem that had been occurring between both of them. Then he went and dedicated himself to the lord and became a sanyasi. Later he went to Gosti Purna. There he learned the maha mantra. If you say the maha mantra you will have peace of mind and will attain heaven. The maha mantra is Om namo narayanaya. Gosti Purna said be careful, if you teach this to anyone who is not worthy your head will burst. After this Ramanuja Acharya went to see the temple. There everyone saw his splendid form and thought they saw God himself. They humbly sat next under the place where Ramanuja Acharya was sitting. This pleased Ramanujacharya very much and he told the maha mantra to the people. His Guru was very angry. He said didn’t I warn you one how you taught these to unworthy people and you will suffer with head getting broken into pieces. Then Ramanuja acharya said Yes you did tell me oh guru but think of all these people who will have a peace of mind and attain heaven. These words enlightened Gosti Purna and he became Ramanuja Acharya’s disciple.
This proves that great people don’t mind even if their head bursts or anything for that matter of case and what they do will benefit many of other people.

Divine worship

Yamunacharya’s Disciples requested Ramanujacharya to go to Sri Rangam. When they were passing Ramanujacharya saw kids playing a game of divine worship. They used things like twigs, aluminum foil etc to make a chariot. They put a broken deity of God inside the chariot, Flowers with no fragrance found on the road were put on the deity and small pebbles were used as prasadam. Seeing all this Ramanujacharya became a kid for five minutes. After a few seconds the kids saw Ranujacharya and they gave him prasadam. Ramanujacharya accepted the prasadam happily. The disciples asked oh guru what is this that you are doing? You being a great guru are acting like a kid. Ramanujacharya said you read divyaprabhandha end to end but you still don’t understand the true input. One who cries Jai Govinda! Jai Gopala! Are not mere humans they make us see God just by watching them.
This proves that you can be a kid or an adult but if you play games of divine worship like this you will be blessed.

Breaking the brahma budhi dosham

An incident happened in Karnataka. The princess was having immense pain due to something called Brahma budhi dosham. The king and queen were always sad all the time because of this. One day their mood changed and this was because of Ramanujacharya. The king and queen heard of Ramanujacharya breaking the curse of the Brahma rakshasi and they new that if he could do that he surely break the Brahma buddhi dosam.The king and queen welcomed Ramanujacharya and gave him a seat. Then after a while Ramanuja charya came to know of the Brahma buddhi dosam that the princess had. The king and queen pleaded Ramanujacharya to help the princess. Ramanujacharya agreed. He came to the princesses chamber and saw the immense amount of pain she was going through. Ramanujacharya said princess of Karnataka I can understand the pain you are going through. Do you see that river over there? The only way you can be free from this is by taking a bath in that holy river. The princess took a bath and was cured. All three of them the king, the queen and the princess bowed respectfully to Ramanujacharya.
This proves that if someone is great enough they can know cures to these type of diseases like brahma budhi dosam etc.


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