Fulfilling wishes of Yamunacharya

Fulfilling wishes of Yamunacharya

It was Ramanujacharyas desire to see Yamunacharya and Yamunacharya also wished to see Ramanujacharya. At the time of Yamunacharyas death, Yamunacharya told one of his disciple to go and bring Ramanujacharya when the disciple went and told Ramanujacharya that Yamunacharya called him.


Ramanuja Charya was very happy thinking that the day for his desire has come true. They both reached the place where Yamunacharya was there on his death bed. Ramanuja Charya came to see Yamunacharya. Sadly Yamunacharya had attained salvation before they came.

Ramanujacharya wanted to offer his obedience to the mortal remains of the body. As Ramanujacharya went close to Yamunacharya’s dead body he noticed that three of his fingers were bent. He asked the disciples, was Yamunacharya born with bent fingers or did this happen now. It happened now answered one of the disciples.


Ramanujacharya asked were any of his desires unfulfilled? Another disciple said there were three. The disciple told Ramanujacharya the three desires that are not fulfilled.


Ramanujacharya was told about Yamunacharya’s unfulfilled three desires were


1) For the good of the world, Commentaries on Brahma Sutras should be written, to en-light about Viśiṣṭādvaita.

2) Intense affection to Nammalwar should be aroused and Commentaries on Divya Prabandham should be written.

3) Great authors of the Puranas, Vyasa and Parashara should be remembered with gratitude.

After hearing all this Ramanujacharya made an announcement to fulfill those desires. At the very moment the announcement ended all the three fingers of Yamunacharya which were bent all returned to their original place.


This proves that great people can communicate without words irrespective of they live or not. True Acharya like Ramanujacharya can understand the communication and communicate back and instill confidence in the soul and make Yamunacharya’s Mortal’s fingers unbent and respond.


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  • Krithiga Rangarajan , August 12, 2017 @ 9:05 am

    Well done, Vaishnavi… keep going

  • Krithiga Rangarajan , August 12, 2017 @ 9:06 am

    Well done Vaishnavi… keep going

  • Rohini S , August 14, 2017 @ 10:58 am

    Well written.This is Guru Parambara.

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