“Kashmir, The Lost Glory” – Interview with Vidya Bushan Dhar

“Kashmir, The Lost Glory” – Interview with Vidya Bushan Dhar

By the Historians Bharat’s History got maligned and changed many time to impress their masters by the historians. Lots of misconceptions were sown in to brain was every citizen of Bharat to feel ashamed of who they are in the process of glorifying the enemies. We many time lost our history, Nation and culture.


Here we are Introducing you Vidya Bushan Dhar Ji , who was part of 1990 Kashmir Pundits exodus and has a tremendous knowledge on the real history of Kashmir, Kashmiriat and Bharat Sanskar. Let us introduce him to you so that you can get to know him.  We will be interviewing Mr.Dhar on the topic of “Kashmir, The Lost Glory” exclusively for “Chat On Bharat Marg” .  Lets get to know him and his credentials first and then in subsequent weeks you will be getting each question and its answer posted.  As a follower of Sanatan Dharma, will request all our fellow friends to watch it..learn the real history that is being covered under and share with your friends..family and more..  Lets make the wrong..Right..


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