Liberal MP Ruby Sahota (Brampton North) hangs up on Journalist !!

Liberal MP Ruby Sahota (Brampton North) hangs up on Journalist !!

No time for Important issues of the citizens ?

We at Bharat Marg Called Liberal MP Ruby Sahota’s office to discuss about pressing issue of deteriorating Safety and security issues of Brampton and in her constituency but got a very rude response. Then we contacted her personal number and when we were leaving the message she called back and assured us time to meet her and discuss on Crime surge & basic safety of Bramptonian.  Then never got any update.

When we called her office again in the following week and explained what she said and wanting to meet her for an interview, her office was so rude they hang up the phone. Is this is free speech..?  Is this is how so called civilized Canadian Politicians slam the journalists?

Do you think asking about following pressing issue is a crime?

  •   Crime rate in Brampton is unparalleled to any part of Canada
  •   Police under political pressure not able to solve cases & help victims
  •   10 to 20 Robbery every day even in broad day light
  •   10 to 20 Theft from Vehicle every day (A person steals property valued over or under $5,000) from a vehicle that doesn’t belong to them)
  •   Inefficient Peel Police who don’t even show up in time even when the victims call on emergency
  •   Increased hooliganism and goonism in Brampton, making it difficult for law abiding residents to live
  •   Youth & Student Violence drug issues making living in Brampton a hell

Will like to ask MP Ruby Sahota, how many times you took these issues.. Why to hang up the phone and run away from a journalist in fear of tough and real questions and issues faced by people in your constituency and in city of Brampton?

Yes Bharat Marg exposed your Propaganda that was being done by you your people in Bramptonist, So called news portal #FakeNews !! We do journalism in the way it is supposed to be done.. is it wrong?  Why to hang up the phone on Journalist and shutting down the Free press.. for which you always say, you stand for?

Yes we did expose you standing right at the Air India Memorial and not condemning terrorists and terrorism.. thats our job. We even mentioned what issues we want to discuss about and how pressing it is.. But you chose to go for reelection fund raisers instead of making sure your city and constituency is safe for residents. Its not only sad but also shameful!!

We hope and believe Mp Ruby Sahota will find time and courage to face the real issues and call and give appointments and answer our questions. We will contact you for appointment again and again if not given.. You are not insulting us by denying the appointment but insulting the people who voted in your constituency by stopping to express their concern and ask questions and get help.


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