Ram Piyare, Ram Piyare | Shabad Kabir Ji

Ram Piyare, Ram Piyare | Shabad Kabir Ji

Hear this Shabad by Kabir Ji !!  Saint is laying down on the ground for so much time not even moving and thinking of his love Sri Ram.. the Crows and other birds think that he is dead and come and poke his body to eat.

Feeling this the saint opens his eyes and sees the birds eating his body, so he says them.. to eat all the body but to leave the eyes as he needs them to see his Ram.. his Narayan.. (Thanks to Smt Jaty Virk Sandhu [Lovely] for helping us with the meaning). Our Gurus who always stood to protect our Desh and Darma also gave us their incredible Teachings. Jai Sia Ram !! Waheguru !!

Check out this incredible Shabad by Kabir Ji in the mesmerizing  voice of Sri Charanjeet Singh Ji Heera

Tabla :- Harjio Singh
Behind :- Manik Singh
Side:- Gurmeet Singh


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