Know Your Candidate – Vinod Mahesan

Know Your Candidate – Vinod Mahesan

Sri Vinod Mahesan, the mayor candidate of Brampton talks exclusively to Bharat Marg in “Know Your Candidate” segment. In this video interview Vinod Mahesan says..  Mr Patrick Brown is desperate for his political carrier and i’m desperate for the city of Brampton. He lays out some of the out of box thinking on how he will pull out Brampton from current situation in short term basis and what will be his long term.  He also talks about building smart Brampton and says current Govt and mayor didn’t do anything in last 4 years and so very difficult to find fault in their work.. they have done none.

Check out this “Know Your Candidate” video interview of Brampton Mayoral candidate Sri Vinod Mahesan and share with all .. so that we can not only vote but vote right..


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