What is Ekal Vidyalaya How can we help ?

What is Ekal Vidyalaya How can we help ?

In this exclusive Video Interview for “Chat On Bharat Marg” segment of Bharat Marg.. Sri Bajrang Lal Bagra CEO, Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation explains, what is Ekal Vidyalaya How anyone can help? Ekal Vidyalaya the Non Profit organization that is helping more than 75000 villages in India where there is no facility for schools. In this must watch interview with the CEO Ekal Vidyalaya Sri Bajran Lal Bagra explains how this organisation will help more that 100,000 villages in the coming year. Also he explains how anyone can help at the level they want. Check out this video to learn more. Also share with as many as possible.. Opportunity for all of us to educate a child or educate the village or villages  as big as you want to.. Jai Sia Ram !!


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