Gho pooja – Ashwa Pooja – Nandhi (Rishaba Raja) Pooja – Thiruvannamalai Ghosala (Cowshed)

Gho pooja – Ashwa Pooja – Nandhi (Rishaba Raja) Pooja – Thiruvannamalai Ghosala (Cowshed)
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Incredible Gho pooja – Ashwa Pooja – Nandhi (Rishaba Raja) Pooja, you will ever see !! Watch this video and feel the blessings. This Pooja is happening in the Ghosala (Cowshed) of Thiruvannamalai. When you do Gho pooja and serve the cows, you get the blessings of Krishna !! Ashwa Pooja showers Lakshmi’s Blessings !! Nandhi (Rishaba Raja) Pooja is dear to Shiv Ji !!

Check out this video for the full pooja with Veda parayanam. Also share these blessings with all your friends & family by sharing this video.

Special pooja happens to Gau Mata on every Dwadasi. Feeding (Ahathi Keerai / Special Spinach) feeding a cow with Sesbania Grandiflora solves all your problem. If you can, do feed the cow as recommended. If you are in a place where feeding this special spinach is not possible, you can contact us to feed the cow in our Ghosala and we do archana on you and your family name for all 24 Dwadashi’s in a year and get the prasad for you. Same will be done Special Pooja and feeding for Rishabh Raj (Nandhi) during all 24 pradosham’s all through the year also.

If you have any questions, or if you want to know how feed the Cow / Rishabh Raj (Nandhi) on these holy occasions, or you want to receive the one Dharmic message we send out by WhatsApp every day, please message us by whatsapp to +1647 964 4790 now !! May all be blessed


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