Feed Abandoned Hungry Stray Dogs – Remedy for effects of Rahu-Kethu-Pitru Dosha

Feed Abandoned Hungry Stray Dogs – Remedy for effects of Rahu-Kethu-Pitru Dosha
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Disciplined dogs wait for their turn to eat..Great video for all of us to learn from Tiruvannamalai Ashram !! They call each one by name, and then they come to eat. See it to believe it. Vegetarian dogs. They seldom eat any meat or any other things. Follow the rules and regulations of Ashram letting all to perform their Pooja / meditation / seva in silence. Just incredible !!

Check out this video to get rid of effects of Rahu / Kethu / Pitru Dosha in turn completely get rid of Marriage problem, childlessness, children problem, serious illness etc. by feeding stray dogs. Those who want to get married but not able to also can follow the steps of feeding stray dogs. Pitru Dhosa affects one immensely with obstacle on everything you do in sudden unexpected way.

Sanatan Dharma and relationship with dogs have been explained in detail in this video for you to check. If you can feed abandoned hungry stray dogs yourself in the place you are…. Most certainly please do. If you don’t have that ability contact us at Bharat Marg by sending a WhatsApp to +1 647 9644790 with more questions / clarifications or even for getting one Dharmic message a day with your name and location. May Gods bless all.. Abundantly with health, wealth, prosperity and peace. Do share these blessings with all. Hare Krishna !!
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