Swati Lakshmi Narasimha Vratam

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Swati Lakshmi Narasimha Vratam

July 18

Swati Nakshatram is the birth star of Lord Narasimha Swamy. ( Half Lion and Half Man God). It is essential to follow Swati Vratam to fulfill all the worldly desires. You do the Vratam for 5 months, you and your family shall be blessed abundantly for sure by Lord Narasimha. Jai Narasimha Dev!!

Procedure  to do the Vratam.

Get up in the morning and pray the Lord Narasimha and need to fast till the afternoon and can have  fruit for lunch and night can have light food ( with out onion and garlic).For Prasad you need to make panakam .Panakam It is a  mix  of water and brown sugar and little bit of Cardamom  powder. You have the Prasad at intervals.

Lord Narasimha the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu appeared to save His devotee Prahlada Maharaja from the clutches of His demonic father the powerful Hiranyakasipu.

Narasimha is the Divine manifestation of Lord Vishnu, who emanated from pillar to kill the wicked demon Hiranyakasipu. The word Narasimha means the combination of Lion and Man form. In this manifestation, the Lord appears with a human torso and a lion head. Though dreadful in appearance, this manifestation came for protecting the good and the pious from the evil hands of the wicked and therefore said to be highly benign to the devotees and the noble ones.

Once upon a time there lived a demon called Hiranyakasipu. He undertook a hard penance for several years and got a boon from Lord Brahma that he will never be killed by any animal or human; he will not die either on the day and night; he will not be killed by a living as well as non-living thing; he will neither die inside or outside  the house; he will never die on the earth or in the sky; he will not face his death in the daytime or in the night time. While contemplating on this tricky boon, he never knew that he could be killed in a clever manner later.

Hiranyakasipu had a highly pious son named Prahlad who was devotee of Lord Mahavishnu from birth. Hiranyakasipu had a great contempt for Lord Vishnu since he had earlier killed his beloved brother Hiranyaksha through an earlier incarnation of Varaha (The  wild boar form). Angered by Prahlad’s unwavering faith towards Lord Vishnu, he troubled Prahlad in all possible ways and attempted to kill him. At a crucial time, Lord Narasimha emanated from the pillar and killed Hiranyakasipu in full conformity with the boon he had received. Thus, Hiranyakasipu was killed in the evening time on the doorstep in the lap of the Lord with the weapon of his nails.

The Narasimha mantra is highly powerful and said to protect the chanters from their enemies. Divine protection for the devotees is the ultimate purpose of chanting this mantra. As per the commands in the sacred scriptures, this mantra has to be chanted rolling five rounds of rosaries each day for twenty-one days in reverence, with focused mind and devotional involvement to get the fullest benefit.

Sri Narisimha Maha-mantra 

ugram viram maha-vishnum 
jvalantam sarvato mukham
nrisimham bhishanam bhadram
mrityur mrityum namamy aham


“I bow down to Lord Narasimha who is ferocious and heroic like Lord Vishnu.
He is burning from every side. He is terrific, auspicious and the death of death personified

PN:- The Date and Time of the event is given as per the Bharathiar Panchang. Contact your local temple / prohit for exact timing in your place as some times, the time of the celebration may change depending upon which part of the world you live in.


July 18

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