Avani Avittam Celebration

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Avani Avittam Celebration

August 3, 2020

Avani Avittam  is also known as ‘Upakramam’  that is a significant ritual in Brahmin community and for any one who wears the sacred thread. It falls  on  ‘Shravan Purnima’ (full moon day) of the traditional  Hindu calendar. The word ‘Avani’ means the ‘Tamil month’ and ‘Avittam’ is ‘one among the 27 Nakshatrams’. Brahmins community all around  the world perform  Avani Avittam ritual with full dedication and devotion. The Yajur Vedic Brahmins  start reading Yajur Veda on this day for next six months.

On Avani Avittam  festival day Brahmins are bestowed with a sacred thread and it is also believed that the third eye (eye of wisdom) opens up. Avani Avittam is celebrated with an enthusiasm   in Orissa, Maharashtra and southern states of India and is also

called  as ‘Janeyu Purnima’ or ‘Jandhyala Purnima’.

When the boy before going to Gurukul, is invested with this holy thread and, that is symbolically means his third eye, or the eye of wisdom, is opened. This festival of Upakarma reminds us to wear the sacred thread of its glorious spiritual significance

The persons who are eligible to perform Avani Avittam are Bramachari, Gruhasta, Vanaprastha. Bhramachari who have  to perform Avani Avittam for the first time after their Upanyasam is done , is called Thalai Avani Avittam.


Men go to temple  in the morning after bath to do Sandhyavandhanam, Samithadaanam (only Bramacharis), Kaamokaarsheet Japam, Madhyaahnikam, Brahmayajnam, Mahasankalpam. After taking dip in  sacred water again Holy Thread is changed and performs Kaandarishi , Vedarambam. The male members are invited home  with aarthi when they come back.

Avani Avittam Special recipes could as discribed – (All festival cooking is done without onion and garlic) Idli , Ulundu Vadai , Poli ( Puran poli), Chutney , Sweet Appam , Rice , Paruppu, Mor Kuzhambu, Rasam, Pumpkin kootu, Vazhaikkai curry , Thayir Pachadi , Payatham Paruppu, Payasam , Aval Payasam, Appalam , Curd (You can pick and choose as per your taste and time)

The next day  morning after taking bath Gayathri Japam is chanted 1008 times.


August 3, 2020

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