There was once a king named Bali. He was very generous. He used to give everything willingly to the people that came and asked. Devraj Indra had once killed Bali’s father Viroochan because had made an announcement that every citizen of that place must only worship lord Vishnu only. This announcement angered Devraj Indra and he forgot the true meaning of worship.(worship means to help others do good deeds etc ) Due to this Devraj Indra took the form of a saint and made an ashram and his disciple was Vaayudev [god of wind]. As one day came Viroochan and his wife came on a trip the sun started to shine brightly and both were in need of water. Soon they saw the ashram and got water there. But who knew the truth that this was not ordinary water. After drinking it both fell unconscious. After years of penance Viroochan had won a crown from Lord Brahma and as long as he wore that crown killing him would be impossible. Vaayudev took that crown and threw it in a well. When Viroochan got up his crown was not there and Devraj Indra called him for a fight. Sadly after the fight Viroochan was no more.

Sukaracharya had once got a boon from lord Shiva from doing a very hard penance got the mantra (Sanjeevani mantra) that could bring dead people back to life but if those people were burnt or killed by mystic powers the Sanjeevani mantra would be useless. Devraj Indra knew this secret so he burnt Viroochan into ashes.

Bali now took his revenge and got killed  by  Devraj Indra. He was going to burn Bali into ashes like he did with Viroochan but then he heard a voice who was it? It was none other than Lord Vishnu. He said Devraj Indra! You have killed my devotee Viroochan now you have killed my devotee Bali.

Send Bali to Sukaracharya. Before giving Bali to Sukaracharya they apologized to the lord but he said can this apology bring the blood back into the wounds of Bali? Can it bring him back life? No your apology cannot do this now go and give Bali to Sukaracharya. And one more thing the minutes end will be the end of our relationship.

The devtas and Devraj Indra said please do not say that without you we are less than humans. Lord Vishnu heard none of their plea and disappeared. Sukaracharya used the Sanjeevani mantra and also he gave Bali a vigairath (chariot of victory) and told him to fight Devraj Indra this time. Hurry, for Bali he had won but he banished Devraj Indra from Devlok the abode of the devtas.

Mata Additi could not bear to see her sons in this state. She went to lord Vishnu of taking birth in her womb. Ok then also he joined the relationship between himself and the devtas once again. Then he took the form a dwarf and became the little brother of the devtas. Then the lord asked for three feet of land from Bali and Bali surrendered his head as the third foot. Thus he became called as Boothathalwar.

Boothathalwar contributed immensely to Vainavam and Tamiz by contributing to 4000 Divya prabandham.  The collection of poems written by 12 Alwars including Booththalwar is called 4000 Divya prabandham and this is also called as Dravida Vedham.


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