Smt Jayanthi Janakiraman Ninaivu Dravida Veda Agama Patasala, Thirunangur

Smt Jayanthi Janakiraman Ninaivu Dravida Veda Agama Patasala, Thirunangur

This patasala near Sirgazhi was established on 26th October, 2001 with blessings of His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, and named after Late Smt Jayanthi Janakiraman, an ardent devotee of Sri Swamiji. This holy kshetra hosts the famous 11 Garuda Seva and has been sanctified by the incarnation of Thirumangai Azhwar.

The patasala trains its students to become Vaishnava priests adept in Vaishnava agama shastra, Divya Prabandhams and Vedas. The course tenure is 6 years. As of now 20 students are pursuing the course under the guidance of 3 teachers. They are also trained in regular school curriculum.

There is an exclusive library with unique books on Vaishnava Sampradaya. With this patasala as the centre, under Sri Swamiji’s guidance support is extended to the renovation and maintenance of all the surrounding divya desams.

Sri RamKumar the person who take care and administer this padasala, talks about what they teach here in this Dravida Vedha paadasala, How generous the donors are for this padasala now a days. What kind of obstacle they face and much more in this detailed talk.

We at Bharat Marg will highly recommend all our readers to donate their money & service to this incredible padasala.  Also do send the kids to some of the best padasala as they get western education in English on top of the traditional Tamil & Sanskrit Vedas.  For you to have full info about this Padasala do make sure to see the video below and then feel free to contact Mr.Ram Kumar for more details at (India) +91  90250 25036. Check out the video below to know the incredible work being done by Sri Swamiji and his devotes



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