Are Gurdwaras in Western world ditching the teachings of Gurus to serve their own selfish interests?

Are Gurdwaras in Western world ditching the teachings of Gurus to serve their own selfish interests?

Many Gurdwaras in US, UK, Canada and Australia and many other countries in west has banned the entry of Indian officials and prominent Sikhs. Many of them even announced Indian officials would not be allowed to attend Nagar Kirtans (religious processions) as well as Sikh Gurdwara umbrella organizations have supported the move and said those Indian officials who defy the ban would face legal actions.

Resolution passed also read “Indian government officials and any persons representing the interests of the Indian government shall not be allowed to enter our Gurdwaras or to participate in any religious program,” And this bans Indian officials from entering Gurdwaras, alleging that they are “interfering” in the internal matters of the Sikh community.

The Gurdwaras passed resolution saying, they have done this as they hold the Indian government responsible for the June 1984 events when the Army entered the Sri Harmandar Sahib or Golden Temple and 40 other Gurdwaras, to flush out militants hiding there.

They also said.”Sikhs in the diasporas are fed up with Indian government officials and their agents increasingly interfere in institutions and Sikh affairs, undermining of Sikh campaigns for greater rights and internal matters for the Sikh community,”.

On the other hand, Many well known and respected Sikh leaders have also  described the proposed move to ban the entry of Indian officials in Gurdwaras in UK as unfortunate and said nobody can stop anybody from entering the ‘Guru ghar’ for paying obeisance. “It is a very unfortunate what they (Sikh groups) had done. Guru ghar is open for all,” and “Going to a Guru ghar (House of the Guru), nobody can stop anybody. We are very clear on it… We do not agree what their statements are,” they said.

 Values taught by Gurus and the foundation of Sikhism

There are four doors into a Gurdwara, known as the Door of Peace, the Door of Livelihood, the Door of Learning and the Door of Grace. These doors are also symbol that people from all direction of the compass are welcome, and that members of all sects are equally welcome.

Every Gurdwara has Langar attached to it where food is served to all freely. The food served here is simple, and prevents wealthy congregations turning it into a feast that shows off their superiority. Langar run on people’s gifts and not on government grants. That is why all share equally in Guru’s Langar and no one is looked upon as an outsider. Each gives as much as we can spare and takes as much as he needs. There is no difference between rich and poor. Killing of animals for taste has been called unrighteous in Guru Granth Sahib and so only vegetarian food is served.

Sikh Gurus stood against any discrimination and judging others and they propagate equality among all human beings and rejects discrimination any form. Guru Nanak also preached secularism and showing equal respect to all religions. He asked everyone to maintain their own sanskaars (tradition), while having due consideration for someone else’s beliefs.

During a battle against Aurangzeb the Mogul emperor, some Sikhs came to Guru Gobind Singh complaining that a water–carrier named Ghanaya was giving water to the enemy. Guru Gobind Singh called Ghanaya before him and asked him if that was true. Ghanaya replied that it was not true and said “When I saw injured soldiers on the field, I did not see ours or others. He saw the Guru in every man”. When the Guru heard this, he gave Ghanaya medicine and bandages and sent him back out to give the injured aid in addition to water. This became the teaching to Sikhs and also the golden standard that they don’t differentiate even between enemies and friends as they have serving as the only motto.

Opinion on Right Thing to Do 

When the whole religion and religious principle taught by all the Gurus of Sikhism were based on non discrimination,  how the Gurdwaras and the people who run it can even say who can come inside and who should not come inside the Worship place?

The political revenge massacre of Sikhs that happened in 1984 after the murder of Indian Prime Minister Mrs.Indira Gandhi should be condemned and justice should be done. Murders and goons should be brought to justice and right now.  Justice delayed is justice denied, so the current dispensation should take responsibility in bringing justice at least now. Every Indian today stand with our Sikh brothers and sisters and we all demand justice for them.

We must follow Guru Granth Sahib and the teachings of Gurus as the foundation of life and not selfish agenda of separatism and other political cause by vested interest. Selfish should be rejected and the principles and teachings of Esteemed Gurus shall be followed in its purest form.

If any Gurdwaras working to impress their boss instead of God and Gurus teachings.., they should do a course correction and stop discriminating people and put an end to their newly started unwelcoming culture and open their heart and welcome and serve all and reject none as per the teachings of the Esteemed Gurus. Do you Agree or not, Let us know by commenting below.


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  • Randy , January 28, 2018 @ 1:12 pm

    FEEL SAD don’t know as hindus but we can do keep them along I feel right now mostly outside of india or inside we getting hate

  • Sam , January 28, 2018 @ 2:14 pm

    Good job

  • Anonymous , January 28, 2018 @ 10:29 pm

    Khalistani separatism is raising it’s ugly head again. However the separatists must understand that the Western countries have more at stake in India and are not fools to antagonize India for the sake of some utopian ideal. Indian GDP is growing at 7 per cent a year where as the maximum these Western countries can achieve is 2 per cent. And moreover post-Sept 11 nobody will dare to be seen supporting an ideology that has a violent past. Air India flight 182 is more relevant for these Western countries than 1984.

    • Cisab Nitram , January 30, 2018 @ 11:24 pm

      In the West many are eager to be seen supporting an ideology that has a violent past and a violent present.

  • Anonymous , January 28, 2018 @ 10:41 pm

    Stop issuing Indian visas to all Sikhs holding foreign passport. Let’s see then how many in the community will still support the ban on Indian officials from entering their Gurudwars.

    • Anonymous , January 29, 2018 @ 10:24 am

      Very well said. Laaton ke booth baaton se nahi maante.

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