Can Kanchi Seer Sankaracharya Vijayendra Dare to Insult Tamil Mother and Language?

Can Kanchi Seer Sankaracharya Vijayendra Dare to Insult Tamil Mother and Language?

At a recent event, where BJP National Secretary H Raja, with Tamil orator Solomon Pappaiah, Samskrita Bharathi’s, Dinesh Kamat and many eminent people participated. The dictionary with more than 45,000 words is a work done by late Prof S Hariharan, the father of H. Raja was released by Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit. In this function, Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal, the junior pontiff of Kanchi Sankara Mutt, was seen sitting during the singing of Tamil Thai Valthu (Tamil state song).

Neeraarum Kadaludutha is the State song and Tamil Thaai Vazthu more inspired from Vandhe Matharam .Generally official functions of the Govt. of Tamil Nadu start with this song and end with the Indian National Anthem.

DMK leader M K Stalin said “I consider this an affront to mother Tamil, especially when it happened in the presence of Governor. Vijayendra Swami not standing up when the anthem was played is condemnable.”Hailing the anthem as the national song of Tamils, PMK ‘s Ramadoss said standing up when it was sung was both a tradition and an expression of respect and no one can be exempted from that.

A senior Kanchi Mutt official, said the invocation song was equivalent to ‘Kadavul Vaazthu,’ an invocation to the Almighty itself.”In reverence, Sri Vijayendrar prayed and meditated when the anthem was sung,” he told. Also Mutt stated it has been working for long for the cause of Tamil, including setting up a ‘patashala’ where ancient Tamil Shaivite hymns ‘Tevaram’ were being taught, he said “nobody should doubt the mutt’s respect and love for our language Tamil.”

Now dive deep and analyze

We have evidences in purans & Epics that Tamil Language itself one of the oldest and only language in the world that can be compared with Sanskrit in terms of age and intensity was first taught by Lord Shiva himself to Saint Agasthiya. This was then spread by Lord Muruga (Subramanya) who is also called as Tamil Dheivam (GOD). Tamil was spread and grown and Saiva & Vaishnava Acharyas with some great creations such as Thevaram and 4000 Divya prabandham etc which can be only compared to Vedas & Upanishads.

Being a Strong Shiva devote will Shankar Mutt Knowingly insult Tamil? This could be far from the truth. In Santana Dharma, we consider Language, Nation, Rivers and any holy thing as mother and we worship them. This not only shows the respect we have for the nature but also for women of the world. All things around us including sand, water, air, fire, sky are worshiped in our Dharma and hence no question of insulting by the seer can ever arise.

Question to Tamil Politicians

Do you start your meetings with Tamil Anthem that Says Tamil is the mother? Does your core voter base that consists of other religion such as Muslims and Christian NGOs accept Tamil as mother and bow their head and show respect or you & your guys oppose as they do for Vandhe Matharam and National Anthem? Do you say this strongly to your friends Jihadhi Mullas and Christian Missionaries also or this double standard is only for Hindus and Hindu seers?

Is this your official stand that all should stand and bow the head and respect to the Tamil Antham, Vandhe Matharam and National Anthem when sang or you are using this event to spread your agenda of Brahmans Vs Rest? Do you still believe you can cheat the Tamils by Movies, actions and dialog writing?

Our Conclusion

Even though it was a private function Sri H. Raja started the function with Tamil Thai Vazthu and this shows his dedication and respect to Tamil Language. This is right thing to do and we shall welcome this gesture.

Even though there is no court ruling that the only way to respect Tamil Mother is standing for Tamil Vazthu..Even though Kanchi Seer Sankaracharya Vijayendra was seen in the video to be meditative state as he come to the function and that may be a tradition he follows to bless the people and event…

He must have stood to follow the decorum of the hall and the event. Even if his body language was respectful and meditative, his intentions would have been right, but he should have stood up for the occasion.

Do mind, Hindu Seer of Kanchi is not like Jihadhi Mullas, who give fatwa against standing for any anthem and/or treating and worshiping Nation or language as Mother Goddess. They respect and serve the Language and has impressive contributions.

Bharat Marg also want to Congratulate H.Raja for releasing “Tamil-Sanskrit dictionary” work by late Prof S Hariharan, his father in this occasion. This is a much needed work for both Tamil and Sanskrit at this time and shall render his dream.


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  • Dr.S.Prakash , January 26, 2018 @ 5:56 am

    It is mutt’s pratice, his holiness wont stand up for prayers. further it is a private affair. As you said no political meetings or marriages of political persons never started tamil anthem. Actuaaly தமிழ் தாய் வாழ்த்து ஒரு முழு பாட்டின் பாதியாக வெட்டுபட்டு தான்

  • sivaraman , January 26, 2018 @ 8:38 am

    The agenda of Dravidian parties is alienation. By banishing Hindi Tamilians are impoverished. They lose chances of working outside tamil nadu.

    Is tamil growing? the fact is tamil is dying. in about 200 years there will be very few who knows to write and read tamil.
    Already tamil literature is collecting cobwebs. The present generation does not know thirukkural from purananuru. All they know is angry birds.
    so Kanchi seer being a brahmin? (does sanyasi has a caste) it is convenient to attack him

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