Akanda Bharathi Cultural (ABC) Club Free medical camp

Akanda Bharathi Cultural (ABC) Club Free medical camp

This was an incredible event was held in Cassie Campbell community center on Sep 23rd. This was a great initiative and we at Bharat Marg were there interviewing with many volunteers and patients who were visiting there.  In fact our video interview is also attached here.

When we spoke to the president of the ABC Club Sri Raman Vasudev (Right now also a candidate, Trustee for Peel Public School Board for Ward 2 & 6 in Brmpaton) , he was explaining how the ABC club was first started as an association with handful of professionals with the idea of spreading the Bharatiya culture to the next generation and later started getting involved in much service work.

Dr. Vidhur Jain who is shuttling to India every 5 weeks for his Orthopedics practice, somehow finds time in doing service both here in Canada and also in Bharat.  Every year they do free medical camp in Vrindavan for the people there and also he was showing the stage by stage picture of the person who couldn’t walk from birth was made to walk. This man was provided Orthopedic surgery freely..  When we were talking to him.. all we could realize was as the saying goes.. “ Busy people always find time to do important things”

When we were talking to Sri Yash Kaushal, he was mentioning how ABC Club sprung into action during the time of Kerala floods and donated large sum of necessary things and got it delivered directly to the people of Kerala.

Smt Seema Kaushal who is from pharmacy background was sharing, how much she enjoys the selfless service, the opportunity that comes with ABC Club. She was mentioning that ABC club now almost has 500 members and growing. Smt Seema Kaushal was also saying, if any one love to be involved in service they can very well contact ABC Club and become the member and serve the people along with the team.

The dentist we were talking to was even going to the extent of saying, his clinic will always be open for those who are in need. He will be available at service any time the community needs.  This was incredible. Sri Subash Sharma was running around and taking pictures selflessly.

Also Sri Virender Sharma (Barrister, solicitor & Notary Public ) was involved in organizing the event along with Sanjeev Rishi JI also.   Dr Harpal Jakhu of  Sandalwood smiles dentistry went a step further and said, even if someone has a problem in other days and have no money.. Can always call me and I shall help. This is incredible. This was incredible and was a great community event. Any good hearted person can become the part of ABC club and join hands with these everyday heroes in serving the community.  Jai Sia Ram.


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