Montreal Hindus stood united to show their Solidarity towards Sabarimala Ayyappa devotees

Montreal Hindus stood united to show their Solidarity towards Sabarimala Ayyappa devotees

With the recent events unfolding in Sabarimala some young Montreal Hindus were united to show their Solidarity towards Kerala Hindus. Kerala was lately in the news for making anti-Hindu laws, such as employing people in the Devasasthanam board who does not follow Hinduism. No one in the world does this sort of act except in India. The loot of Hindu temples was happening since the Mughals invaded India, and it is continuing till date.

We can see many women In Kerala came on to roads voluntarily protesting against Supreme Court judgment. The main  stream media in India is busy diverting peoples attention from the core issues such as Sabarimala women uprising against the SC judgment. Along with this the mainstream media diverted the public attention from the rape proceedings about Bishop Franco Mulakkal.


The supreme court of India gave a judgment to let all women enter Sabarimala temple where the God is NaisthikaBrahmachari . This temple does allow women but only of certain ages (Girls below 12 or Ladies above 55 yrs ).This is not discrimination towards women , but the deity Ayyappa took a Deeksha to be a Brahmachari. To people who are not familiar with brahmacharya, when any one takes this Deeksha they are to maintain distance with women. They have to work hard against the natural urge to mate with women. While doing this sadhana the men stay away from women of menstruating age. Hindu Puranas says Ayyappa took this Deeksha.

In the Supreme Court, lawyer J.Sai Deepak Iyer highlighted this point .The judges were impressed with his arguments. He highlighted agama sastras and the Puranas related to the present day practices at Sabarimala Temple.
There was a review petition filed by a Hindu group on this judgement, SC declined to review it on priority basis. SC and the State government of Kerala both failed to consider the feelings several Millions of Hindu women who came on to roads in protest of the SC judgement. What’s more surprising is that, when SC can hear about Yakub Memon ( convicted terrorist ) at 4 AM in the morning on emergency basis, why cant they give the same importance to this case as this is dealing with Millions of Hindu women’s emotions.
There are some temples in Kerala where only women are allowed to enter. One such example is Chakkulavathu Bhagavathi temple of Kerala. Where the male Priest washes the feet of all female devotees .This shows how customs of Hinduism cannot be judged with modern or western moral standards.
As per S Gurumurthy a famous journalist in India, Supreme Court of India used essential practice doctrine devised by United States , Supreme court in Davis Vs Beason. This reference was earlier used in a Sirur mutt Case. This judgment was based on a monotheistic religion and with different values of life. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion that is based on nature worship . How one can use the yardstick made for Christianity to measure Hindu traditions? It is very upsetting that SC did not take notice of this.

Since ages Kerala was a Feminine dominated state. This we can see in the book “Letter from Malabar and on the way” written by Henry Bruce published in 1909. In the introduction section J.D.Rees Writes this

Kerala is such a place where women are treated with lot of respect. They were given more rights than men. Nowhere across the world gave such status to women other than Hindu Bharat .How could any one with such track record ill-treat their women? It is very sad that India’s highest authority does not take the notice of this.
Every Hindus across the globe is watching the events in Kerala related to Sabarimala Temple very closely. We can see in this video how Kerala communist government is using force on the peaceful Hindu devotees who are protesting calmly. It is time that the communist government of Kerala put their act together and take necessary steps to restore the values of Hindu temple, if not they could consider this as the beginning of communist regime’s decline in Kerala.



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  • CHERUKUPALLI , October 20, 2018 @ 3:58 am

    Very good article and many don’t know what is going on and what for t resticted women aged 10 to 50 .,but not all women cleared the doubts of some pleople and also narrated theBrahmcharya Deeksha significance . Once we read able to understand the actuals

  • Deepak , October 20, 2018 @ 10:13 pm

    Great article

  • Sreejith , October 21, 2018 @ 8:44 am

    Supreme Court came in a conclusion based on misleading documents submitted by state government. Now please join as on save Sabarimala

  • Yechuri Chaitanya , October 21, 2018 @ 11:47 pm

    It’s a great event and I am proud of our unity in being here in Montreal , Canada with a shoulder on shoulder every second, a very good person sudha Mohan Garu my annayya for his efforts in everything and I love him in making things possible

  • Ranga Reddy Palakala , October 22, 2018 @ 1:44 am

    A good article with a lot of information. Your writing of the facts is great. Your efforts to preserve the Sanatya Dharma should be made aware of the continuity of the race. Thank you.!

  • Ranga Reddy Palakala , October 22, 2018 @ 1:47 am

    A good article with a lot of information. Your writing of the facts is great. Your efforts to preserve the Sanatana Dharma should be made aware of the continuity of the race. Thank you.!

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