Send Your question & Concerns to take up during upcoming interview with Peel Police

We will be interviewing Peel Regional Police to discuss about crime surge & making region Safe.  You can message your questions & any Incidents you want us to discuss about to or @BharatMarg in twitter or you can comment right here at Bharat Marg.

How to stop the crime surge happening at Brampton, Mississauga and in Peel region as a whole?  What do you expect from Peel Police.. Are you happy with their service?  Anything they can do to improve?

Send your message to Bharat Marg and your confidentiality will be maintained and Identity will not be revealed.  Let us know what you want to hear and get done.. Bharat Marg will take up those issues in the upcoming interview.

Lets join hands in making the Peel Region safe together.


Author: Sounder Dilipan on