Let’s walk with us in Kishkinda – An introduction to Hampi, Karnataka, Bharat

Bharat Marg, Welcomes you to walk with us in Kishkinda.  This Video is the Part 1 of our Kishkinda documentary series.  This will give an introduction about today’s Hampi, Karnataka and its inseparable relationship with Santana Dharma.

When you walk with us in Kishkinda you will find out, that is today’s Hampi which is in Karnataka Bharat was not only an important part of Ramayana but also with Shiv Puran.

Also Hampi was the capital of Emperor Krishana Devaraya and his period was considered as Golden era of Bharat and Santana Dharma.

Lets start and enjoy the video journey with us now. Welcome to Kishkinda & Welcome to Bharat Marg. Jai Sia Ram

Author: Sounder Dilipan on