Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj – Meet Sadhus and Gurus

Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj – Meet Sadhus and Gurus

Kumbh mela is happening for unknown number of years. When people were thinking the earth is flat or sun is rotating earth or even before they started thinking on those aspects.. Santana Dharmies have been celebrating Kumbh mela which happen every 12 years at a particular position of Sun and Earth which comes ones in 12 years. Normally Kumbh Mela starts during Magara Shankranti and goes till Basant Panchami.  This year its called Ardh Kumbh Mela. That means the one right in between two big Kumbh Melas that happen in 6th year.

This year during Ardh Kumbh Mela millions of people are expected to come and bathe at the confluence of the Ganga, the Yamuna and Sarasvati (Prayagraj). The festival is the biggest congregation of mankind on the planet where more than 150 million people will be visiting during this holly occasion.

Sanatan Dahrmies believe performing the bathing ritual in the water considered holy will purge them of all sins and release themselves and their ancestors from the cycle of rebirth and attainment of Moksha.

The festival is also famous for providing with some great spectacles of the grand rituals held by various saints and their disciples as members of various Akharas or religious orders that take part in the ritual of Shahi Snan – also the main highlight of the event. People are allowed to bathe in the waters only after Shahi snan is complete.

There are 13 Akahara’s in total and are divided as Shaiv (monks) Akhara,Bairagi (Vaishnav) Akhara,and Nirmal (Udaseen Akhara).
These Akahara are located in different region of Bharat such as Haridwar,Rajasthan,and Allahabad. Haridwar or Hari ki puri in Uttarakhand is home of most of the major Akahara’s.

The panchadasam juna akahara from Haridwar is the oldest and biggest among all akahara’s, other are Panchayati Akhara Mahanirvani,Agni,panchatati akahara mahanirvani, panchayati akahara niranjani,Anand akahara and bada udaseeen akahara. Each and every sadhu belongs to any of the above Akahara and has their main deity to worship.
Bharat Marg will be bringing you live events and major wisdom filled interviews from Sadhu, Santh and our religious gurus during this time right from Prayagraj. These video interviews will  broad castes in Bharat marg so that we all understand Santana Dharma in its purest form.

We will be talking to the heads of Akahara and Sadhus who are even difficult to meet and talk in many cases. We request all of our readers to submit any questions you have in the comment area in Bharat Marg so that we can get it answered from these Sadhu, Santh, and Religious Gurus for you.

Even any particular thing you are interested to learn or see in Kumbh Mela, do let us know in the comment area and we will try to do our best to do just that for you. Bharat Marg will also be doing prayers on your behalf for health, peace and prosperity for you , your family and friends. Ask your questions and we will ask for you.. let us know what you need and we will cover that for you.  Lets walk with Bharat Marg and enjoy the biggest religious congregation of the world and learn all about Santana Dharma


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