Xi Jinping of Delhi Kejriwal Manufactured Exodus crisis !!

Xi Jinping of Delhi Kejriwal Manufactured Exodus crisis !!
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Un-frigging-real! Major crisis at the Delhi-UP border as the Kejriwal led AAP Govt pushes out thousands of migrant workers predominantly Hindus from UP and Bihar, during the critical & mandatory #21DayLockdown currently underway to contain the spread of the deadly #Coronavirus in the country.

Delhi Govt disconnected the electricity & water supply to the migrant worker colonies and refused any food & other essential supplies. The AAP Govt also made announcements and spread rumour that there were buses at the UP border waiting to drop people to their destination – leading to the mass exodus of workers from Delhi towards the border.

The UP Government pleaded with the Delhi Govt to allow the workers to stay where they were – even offering to pay for their food and stay. Since that did not work, the UP State administration, led by the CM Yogi Adityanath himself, worked through the night to organize transportation for people amassing at the border. Drivers and conductors were called from home and a 1,000 buses were arranged to bring back all those stuck on the Delhi border. Don’t know how they’ll be able to stop the spread of the virus now… 😞

We got to really find out who Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal is really working for.. as they will certainly thank him for single handedly destroying PM Modi’s 21 Day Lock Down measure against #COVID19. No wonder patriotic Indians think this guy as anti-national !!


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