Indian Railway Becomes Mobile Coronavirus Isolation Coach !!

Indian Railway Becomes Mobile Coronavirus Isolation Coach !!
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To tackle the coronavirus pandemic, Indian Railways introduces isolation coaches – compartments of existing trains that have been remodeled to house COVID-19 patients. In these isolation coaches, it can be seen that a Non-AC coach has been modified with both the middle & upper berth removed, plastic curtains fitted in each patient cabin, a separate cabin for the medicos, a modified bathroom with increased tap height and many more facilities. One coach can handle up to 20 patients if the situation arises.
Indian Railways has 45,536 coaches that include 11,519 AC coaches and 34,017 non-AC coaches. Experts believe non-AC coaches are better suited (compared to AC coaches) to treat cases of coronavirus infections.
Over all, this out of box idea that can make these hospitals on wheel, that is in shoestring budget to serve 1.5 Billion people of India without scarcity for beds and Isolation wards and can go to any most affected area as per the need helping with perfect targeted distribution of resources.
Western leaders especially the ones like Canadian PM Mr Justin Trudeau have a thing or two from the leader of the largest democracy of the world PMO India  Sri Narendra Modi  on how to use the existing resources on time of need and serve the citizens without failing any… Instead of doing vote bank politics even in this time of crises.

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