What I said about EVR Periyar is True – Will not Apologize : Super Star Rajinikanth

What I said about EVR Periyar is True – Will not Apologize : Super Star Rajinikanth
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While attending the 50th anniversary of ‘Thuglak’, a Tamil language weekly news magazine started by political commentator Cho Ramaswamy, Rajinikanth told “Periyar in 1971 had taken out a procession after garlanding the photos of Ram and Sita with slippers” ..

In the same event Super Star Rajinikanth said, Readers of Murasoli are DMK workers (Idiots) but those who read Thuglak are intellectuals,” in the presence of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. This event also had PM Narendra Modi by Video conference too.

It was just too much for the Dravanian goons of DMK and their ancillary unites demanding apology for saying what never happened.. Don’t forget, In Rajinikanth’s term these are all Murasoli readers (Idiots).

Superstar Rajinikanth refused to apologise to protesters who are up in arms over his statement on Anti Hindu E V Ramasamy ‘Periyar’.  Holding copies of the news clippings, Rajinikanth said he did not make up things about Periyar in his speech and will not apologise.

“There is a debate on an issue I spoke on and which happened in 1971. I didn’t make up what I said. People are saying I made it up but I didn’t. Sorry, I won’t apologise,” said Rajinikanth.

With copies of publications to support his claim of Periyar undressing the images of Lord Sri Ramachandramoorthy and Sita during a rally in 1971, Rajinikanth said, “I have magazines here to show what I said was true. I am telling what I saw. They are telling what they saw.”

Some DMK supported guys wanted to take Rajinikanth to Court after filing FIR for which the Hindu Activist and the BJP MP Dr. Subramanian swamy stretched his hands. “For a change I am on the side of Rajnikant on the E. V. R. Naicker 1971 rally issue of parading Ram and Sita in a derogatory. This is a fact and Cho had published it in Thuglak. If the cine actor stays firm I will back him in courts if he wants” read the tweet of Swamy

Anti Nationals and Anti hindus are being exposed and for a kick in tipical Rajinikanth style really in Tamil Nadu today !!



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